Cargo pants: pants with pockets return

Masculine, sporting and not very feminine? But no: the street-style cargo pants are back

The cargo pants are undoubtedly a sporty, super casual garment, to be used in less formal contexts. The fact remains that it is very convenient and practical, even if, unfortunately, not suitable for all. Let's see some ideas on how to combine it.

How to wear cargo pants: in general

Because of the pocket pockets, which emphasize the thighs, this cut of trousers is good for those who have their strength in their legs. Those who have a more Mediterranean body, with generous hips, such as pear or hourglass physicists, do not have their best ally in this kind of pants. Even the fabric in general is rough and very resistant, so, as always, the watchword is to play down. So go ahead for color and ultra-feminine accessories to balance everything.

How to wear cargo pants: with sneakers

The sneakers, we know now, are our best friends! In the case of cargo pants, they are probably the most natural combination. The advice is to associate a super chic detail, which can be the bag, or the glasses, or otherwise a pullover in pastel color.

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