Carla Fracci, the last phone call from Oriella Dorella. And Kledi's message on Instagram

Kledi Carla Fracci

Oriella Dorella reminds "Italian Stories" of the last phone call with Carla Fracci. While Kledi pays homage to the étoile with a touching message and a promise on Instagram

Carla Fracci, divine and unforgettable on stage: the most famous ballets

The world of dance is in mourning for the death of Carla Fracci. L’étoile died at 84 in Milan following a tumor against which she had been fighting for some time. Friends and colleagues huddle in pain around her husband Beppe Menegatti and the son, Francesco, of the great dancer. Among these Oriella Dorella and Kledi Kadiu.

Oriella Dorella, guest of Eleonora Daniele at Italian Stories, told of the last phone call to Carla Fracci, which took place not so long ago and in which nothing suggested her imminent death, which occurred suddenly, also because the étoile had kept the closest reserve about his illness.

Dorella expressed her condolences: “It is truly a great loss. Carla was a wonderful person, also very ironic and funny. We will miss him very much. Carla was a great thing, unique, she really transformed dance, she gave it an extraordinary capacity for interpretation, elegance, empathy. I copied it, I stole her movements, a few glances, trying to make it mine, a great loss, a huge loss ". And then he recalled that last phone call with Fracci: "I heard her a short while ago, we talked about a recent ballet, it was a goodbye knowing we were meeting around, but no".

Kledi also wanted to pay homage to the great dancer with a touching message on Instagram: "We will all remember you for the immensity that distinguished you on stage. Your ethereal aura, your passion and enormous humility have won us over and taught us to go beyond the common dance stereotypes. I remember your shining eyes when you told me about your career, for you talking about dance was always an emotion. Today I cling to the pain of Beppe Menegatti and your family ”.

And then the promise to keep alive his memory and his art, the dance with a great event in his honor: "I promise you that we will do our best to commemorate you as you deserve at the event in your honor that I know, you would have wanted so much take part. Hi Carla 🌹 ".

In fact, on 29 May a great event was planned with Carla Fracci as the protagonist, as part of the Chiara Award, in Varese. The appointment was nevertheless confirmed and will be transformed into a celebration in memory of one of the greatest dancers of the twentieth century.

Carla Fracci Kledi

Kledi remembers Carla Fracci on Instagram

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