Carlo and Camilla, the secret son appears. Diana knew everything

Carlo and Camilla, the secret son appears. Diana knew everything

Simon Dorante-Day is convinced that he is the secret son of Carlo and Camilla. On his profile, Facebook has published the evidence. For him, Lady Diana knew everything

Carlo and Camilla, the secret son

Carlo and Camilla would have a secret son: he is 52 years old and his name is Simon Dorante-Day.

The man is convinced of being the fruit of the forbidden love of the Dukes of Cornwall at the time and as stated in an interview with New Idea, Princess Diana knew of her existence and was ready to make it public shortly before she died in a car accident in 1997.

Simon was born in April 1966 in Gosport, near Portsmouth, and was adopted when he was 18 months old from Karen and David Day. He now lives in Queensland, Australia, where he repeatedly told of his belief that he was put up for adoption from an adolescent Camilla who was 18 years old in 1966, while Carlo 17.

As proof of his statements, he published a photo of himself on Facebook that would demonstrate the similarity with several members of the Royal Family. Also here shows the developments of his mission to be recognized as a son by Carlo and Camilla.

In addition to the similarities in the somatic traits of the Prince and William, Dorante-Day has collected a series of tests which he believes would attest the kinship. First of all, his middle name is Carlo, then his adoptive grandparents worked for the Royal Family and were convinced that he was the son of Carlo and Camilla. Simon, now a father of 9 children, said: "My grandmother not only mentioned it to me, she told me clearly".

For years Dorante-Day has been insisting that a DNA test be done. At the moment, however, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall never responded to man's requests or commented on his statements.

Among other things, Carlo would also have a secret daughter in a test tube with Lady Diana. Now he would live in the United States and William and Kate Middleton would meet her.

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