Carlo Conti and Gerry Scotti, how their relationship with Covid has changed

Carlo Conti and Gerry Scotti, how their relationship with Covid has changed

"There was a brotherhood of viruses that bound us": Carlo Conti and Gerry Scotti tell about the disease and how it strengthened their friendship

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

Carlo Conti and Gerry Scotti, in addition to being two of the most beloved presenters of Italian TV, shared the positivity at Covid in the same period.

Carlo Conti's announcement in which he explained that he had contracted the virus shortly followed that of Gerry Scotti. Both have communicated it through a message on Instagram and both have needed hospitalization. However, Conti managed to conduct at least two episodes of Tale and Which Show from home and when he was in the clinic he reached the office with a phone call. While the rumors about Gerry Scotti in intensive care are overturned on the web to the point that an intervention by the press office was required which promptly denied them.

Today Carlo and Gerry are doing well and they told the magazine Chi how this hard experience has helped to strengthen their friendship. “When I found out that Gerry was positive for coronavirus,” Conti says, “I sent him a message. Because with Gerry, even if we didn't meet so much in person and, often, we were opposite each other, I don't say "rivals", on TV, there is a bond. We feel very close and, every time we meet, we feel this same dough, this type of humanity: we love work, family, there is great esteem. So I wrote to him ”.

The Rai presenter continues: "After a few days I discovered that I too was positive and, from that moment, there was a constant feeling, inquiring: 'How much oxygen do you have in your blood? What does the oximeter mark? '. There was a brotherhood of viruses that bound us and made us feel close. Our daily phone call was an injection of optimism and a race towards recovery ".

"As soon as I found out about Carlo," confesses Gerry, "I thought: 'It's not possible, he can't,' and, at that moment, he wrote to me. We exchanged our medical bulletin every day with technical details that you humans cannot imagine, in those days in the hospital we lacked us telling ourselves what the soup was like in the canteen. The misfortunes create an affinity and help develop a sense of brotherhood ".

“At the worst moment”, Conti says, “my biggest concern was that my wife and my son would get sick, when they told me their tampon was negative it was the first rush of energy towards healing. When I got home I was on a minibus and I asked to be left outside the gate because I wanted to enter on my legs, so my son Matteo saw me from the window and waved at me, and I smiled at him ".

"I thought about my family", Gerry gets excited, "about my partner, our children, my granddaughter who is about to arrive and, when I was in the anteroom of intensive care, I thought: 'But why me?' If they intubate me and I remain in a coma for 40 days, what happens? I have not said anything to anyone, not even a word to Gabriella (his partner, ed), to Edoardo (his son, ed). I felt guilty about the sudden helplessness of a man who is always on the spot and suddenly feels incapable. When I got home, and in the anteroom I had to undress to throw all the clothes into a sack to take them to disinfect, I experienced one of the most moving and most intense moments: everyone was looking at me with tears in their eyes, even the dog he was crying ".

Having emerged victorious from the disease, the two confess that they want to do a program together "in unified networks": "We have been thinking about it for some time, now we could create a new format, The two recovered or a medical program, Dica 33 or, since we are in two say 66 ″.

And, on his possible participation in Sanremo as a guest of Amadeus, Scotti comments: "I will ask Carlo for advice on the Festival only if I had to introduce him, I spoke again with Amadeus about the possibility of going as a guest but, in that case, I will know how to get by. ".

And, in the end, they say goodbye: "On the one hand I am happy that this misadventure has strengthened our brotherhood and our human bond in a very strong way", concludes Conti; “I always thought you were a good person, and now that we've done the blood tests together, I'm sure of it,” says Gerry.

Gerry Scotti Carlo Conti

Gerry Scotti and Carlo Conti – Source: Chi press office

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