Carlo Conti confesses on Top Ten: "I don't like challenges on TV"

Carlo Conti confesses on Top Ten: "I don't like challenges on TV"

Waiting for the debut of "Top Dieci" on Rai 1, Carlo Conti clarifies and declares himself extraneous to the logic of the "challenge" on TV

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Top Dieci is preparing for its prime time debut on Rai 1, with the conducting of Carlo Conti who has already presented the successful first season last summer, achieving great public success. In recent days there has been a lot of talk about the program, especially for the sudden postponement, with consequent change of schedule.

During the presentation of the program the director Carlo Coletta wanted to make some clarifications in this regard, as did Carlo Conti himself who confirmed his point of view, the one that made him dear to the Italian public. "For years I have never experienced the challenge of 'this against that', I do not experience this kind of tension, I do not worry," said the conductor, making a clear reference to what appeared on the pages of the newspapers.

The first episode of Top Dieci should have aired Saturday 17 April in prime time on Rai 1, therefore in direct competition with Maria De Filippi and her Evening of Friends 2021. Which is why many believed that the rethinking of the network was due precisely to this challenge to the sound of live broadcasts, from which Conti's program could have been defeated, given the incredible success and ratings of the talent of Canale 5.

Carlo Conti declared himself extraneous to this type of logic. "Top ten is absolute fun, but I don't go on TV with the idea of ​​a challenge. (…) As far as I'm concerned, the important thing is to make a good product and reunite the family in front of the TV. It is the thing I care about most ", these are his words as reported by Repubblica.

The director of Rai 1, Stefano Coletta, also thought of giving a hand to the conductor: “Carlo's positioning on Friday is not the escape from danger, but the desire to cultivate a new title”, he declared. And he also added that the debut of Top Dieci has been postponed "for production reasons", and not for reasons of "rivalry" and ratings.

The "variety talk game", as Carlo Conti himself defined it, will be broadcast from the new studio at the Rai Auditorium live on the first channel starting from Friday 23 April, thus taking the place of Canzone Segreta with Serena Rossi, at the end, and at the same time as the new show by Pio and Amedeo, which debuted a week earlier. “I had a discussion with my wife who is an avid fan of Pio and Amedeo and on Friday they are there… I don't know if she will see Top ten”, the host joked.

The first episode of Top Dieci will see a parterre of prestigious artists challenge each other: the two teams will be composed of Christian De Sica, Nancy Brilli and Massimo Boldi against Loretta Goggi, Paola Minaccioni and Cesare Bocci. Also present in the studio "a small dose of the public" – confirmed Carlo Conti – "18 people spaced and buffered behind the cameras will intervene with applause and suggestions". Special guests of the evening, on the other hand, will be two milestones of Italian music: Rita Pavone and Giorgia.

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