Carlo Conti criticized by Baudo: "Always the same things"

Carlo Conti criticized by Baudo: "Always the same things"

Pippo Baudo criticized Carlo Conti (and also Paolo Bonolis). The reason? They are guilty of repeating the same shows on TV over and over again, without changing

Carlo Conti: 60 years of success, friendship and love

Pippo Baudo is one of the historical faces of Italian TV, a point of reference for many in conducting: 85 years old, a class of the past, the host par excellence (and for many years) of the Sanremo Festival. Interviewed by La Nazione, Baudo did not spare some of his colleagues and pupils, including Carlo Conti (but also Paolo Bonolis). He has given them some rather heated criticism, particularly on the shows that have been shown on TV a thousand times, without ever making a real change.

Baudo's frankness is known to the general public: to cite a recent example, he had said that, instead of the conductors of the May Day Concert, he would have silenced Fedez and his controversy by disconnecting the cameras. Specifically, the attack aimed at Carlo Conti is aimed at the television proposal, which is always the same and never renewed. “I read that Carlo Conti is back with Tale and Which, but is it possible? Yet? It's awful ”. A comment, that of Baudo, which leaves no room for imagination, especially for the final closing point. According to him, there should be more desire and desire to renew.

Carlo Conti is one of the most famous conductors on the small screen: from Sanremo to Tale and Which, he recently ran Top 10, a structured program during the pandemic. But we got to see him at the David di Donatello, where he rewarded a very excited Sophia Loren.

The formats of Pippo Baudo's era were different, they were fresh and original: there are still many people fond of that TV of the past, which knew how to keep millions of spectators glued to the screen. His dispute, among other things, is addressed to Conti, who has always been known for being one of his pupils.

During the interview with La Nazione, he ruled out his return to TV: "God forbid I would get back into the game". Baudo's spirit of initiative has never been lacking, but it is also true that, precisely because of his age, perhaps now he would like to enjoy the screen as a spectator, in the tranquility of his home, admiring new programs, which aim at originality.

“Today's TV is made up of photocopies only“. Carlo Conti will certainly reflect on the thought of Baudo, who remains a forefather of the Italian management. Surely, there will be an answer, even private: who knows, he could take a cue or get advice. Or, again, dare a little more and return to the office.

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