Carlo Conti is back on TV with Top Dieci and faces De Filippi (again)

Carlo Conti is back on TV with Top Dieci and faces De Filippi (again)

After the success of the first season, Carlo Conti is ready to return to the scene with "Top Dieci"

For Carlo Conti, these months are proving to be very long and demanding, but also full of splendid surprises for the public. Fresh from the success of Affari Tuoi – Viva gli sposi, the presenter is already working on a new edition of Top Dieci, the show that last summer had won the approval of viewers with freshness and fun.

Right now, Rai is working on its spring schedule to meet the demands of the public and give the competition a hard time. There is a lot of talk about the Rai1 band relating to Saturday evening, one of the main ones to which the broadcaster's cornerstones are usually entrusted: for seven consecutive appointments, the rudder remained firm in the hands of Carlo Conti with his game show Affari Tuoi – Long live the spouses, with whom he held up the challenge against Maria De Filippi and her historic program There is Mail for You.

Now it's the turn of the cycle of events By popular demand, which every Saturday brings on the air a special episode dedicated to the great artists of the Italian show business. After the evening aimed at celebrating Valentine's Day and the one in honor of Patty Pravo, the appointments that will pay homage to the Rich and Poor (with the conduct of Carlo Conti), Loredana Bertè and Christian De Sica are highly anticipated. Rai would also be considering the hypothesis of adding a further episode dedicated to Ornella Vanoni, who (if it went to port) would find its place on Saturday 3 April.

And Top Ten? According to the first rumors, the show is expected to air this spring, probably right after the end of the series of appointments entitled By popular demand. Also in this case, Carlo Conti would find himself having to deal with ruthless competition. In fact, the evening phase of Amici 2021 is approaching, the talent hosted by Maria De Filippi on Canale 5: according to rumors, its prime-time debut is scheduled for Saturday 20 March and will last for nine amazing episodes.

Conti, with the second season of Top Dieci, could prove to be the winning weapon of Rai1. Last summer, the host staged a program that had managed to win over audiences without any difficulty, and although this time he will face the difficult challenge of competition, there are good hopes. On the other hand, Carlo Conti is one of the most beloved protagonists of Italian TV, and he will undoubtedly return to the crest of the wave with many sensational guests, who will play to discover the most curious and fun rankings of all time.

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