Carlo Conti, the confession on the farewell to the Legacy and the death of Fabrizio Frizzi

Carlo Conti, the confession on the farewell to the Legacy and the death of Fabrizio Frizzi

Carlo Conti talks about the farewell to the Legacy and remembers the death of Fabrizio Frizzi, a painful event that prompted him to make choices

Carlo Conti confesses on the death of Fabrizio Frizzi and the farewell to the Legacy. The conductor, as is known, was very close to the Rai face, which passed away in March 2018. The disappearance of Frizzi deeply affected the people who loved him, not only his wife Carlotta Mantovan, mother of little Stella, but also Antonella Clerici and Carlo Conti, his inseparable friends.

Clerici left La Prova del Cuoco to spend more time with her family and moved to the house in the woods with her partner Vittorio Garrone and daughter Maelle. The presenter will soon return to Rai Uno with a broadcast that will be broadcast right in the place of Laisa del Cuoco by Elisa Isoardi, which has been canceled. Carlo Conti also made some important choices: the presenter abandoned the Legacy and landed in the early evening. "The appointment of twenty is essential and allows you to enter the homes of Italians – he explained, a guest of TvTalk -. You create an affection, they consider you one of the family. The Italians allow you to dine with them. I miss him, but I made the choice to slow down for several reasons. "

"What happened to Fabrizio made me think a lot – he confessed -. I decided to make certain choices, and certain choices must be made thinking about other things too ". The presenter revealed that he had chosen to devote more time to the family, made up of his son Matteo and his wife Francesca Vaccaro. "I preferred to take another path," he admitted. A bond, the one with Frizzi, which Carlo has never stopped remembering. Today the conductor is very close to Carlotta Mantovan and the little Stella.

"There was a connection on a human level, as we had both had children in a rather adulthood, so we shared the joy of being children who are no longer very young – he said some time ago, remembering his friend -. Stella, her daughter, is nine months older than Matteo, my son. Whenever we heard or saw each other – very often – first we talked about children and then about work. Fabrizio was a very good person, in some moments even naive, with this laughter that was heard in kilometers, you can still hear it echoing if you just close your eyes and think about it ".

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