Carlo Conti: "The virus was about to attack the lungs"

Carlo Conti: "The virus was about to attack the lungs"

Carlo Conti and the fight against Coronavirus: "He was about to attack the lungs, but the doctors stopped him in time"

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

Carlo Conti tells the battle against the Coronavirus and the most difficult moments experienced in the hospital. The conductor had announced on Instagram that he had tested positive. Remaining at home, Conti was then hospitalized shortly after the onset of symptoms. "This year I did not miss anything – he revealed to the weekly Oggi -. I still don't understand how I got Covid. Fortunately, I didn't pass it on to anyone. I was mostly worried about my wife and son. When I learned their swab was negative, the relief began. I never felt a real danger, the virus was about to attack the lungs, but the doctors stopped it in time ”.

Conti was admitted to the Carreggi hospital in Florence in November, leaving the helm of Tale and Quali Show to the judges of the broadcast and then returning for the final. The host explained that he will spend Christmas with the family. Together with him there will be his wife Francesca Vaccaro, to whom he has been linked since 2012. “We will celebrate in five – he revealed -: me, Francesca, my son Matteo and my wife's parents. Unfortunately my parents are gone. Usually an aunt from Livorno, to whom I am very attached, comes and prepares her wonderful caciucco, but this year it will not be possible ".

From 26 December, Conti will return to Rai Uno with a new show: Affari Tuoi – Viva gli sposi, an unpublished edition of the famous game show, where couples of future spouses will compete against each other. "A way to give a glimmer of optimism in a period of crisis," he explained. Carlo was not the only VIP who faced Covid-19. During the same period in which the presenter was hospitalized, his friend Gerry Scotti also ended up in hospital. An experience that united the conductors even more. “As soon as I heard about Carlo I thought:“ It's not possible, he can't ”, and, at that moment, he wrote to me – Scotti had told Chi -. We exchanged our medical bulletin every day with technical details that you humans cannot imagine, in those days in the hospital we lacked us telling ourselves what the soup was like in the canteen. The misfortunes create an affinity and help develop a sense of brotherhood ".

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