Carlos lives with Corona, the outburst of Nina Moric: "I'd like to see you 5 minutes"

Carlos lives with Corona, the outburst of Nina Moric: "I'd like to see you 5 minutes"

Nina Moric unleashes herself on Instagram, revealing that her son Carlos has moved: today she lives with Fabrizio Corona

Fabrizio Corona and Nina Moric, the story of their love

Nina Moric takes it out on Instagram after revealing that her son Carlos, now 18, now lives with his father, Fabrizio Corona. After his release from prison, the former king of paparazzi has reconnected with his son and it seems that now the two are inseparable, so much so that Carlos would have distanced himself from Nina. A few weeks ago the showgirl had accused her ex-husband of exploiting the image of her son for money, shortly after she had publicly scolded the boy because of a nasty comment that appeared on Instagram.

In the last few hours, Moric has returned to talk about the difficult relationship with Carlos, venting into the Stories. Nina posted a long letter in which she revealed that she is in great pain due to being away from her son. "My son, how much I would like to be in your arms, to see you only for five minutes so I could get lost in your smile, in your eyes full of light and purity of soul – we read -. My heart full of beats and eyes full of you. Your lack is devouring me. I decided to feel a little sorry for myself. But seeing you carefree and happy makes me feel better. Never stop being so even when others make you feel weak, insignificant ”.

“You remember my son how much you are worth, how much I believe in you – explains Nina Moric in her letter to Carlos -. You are the most precious gift from heaven a mother can receive. You are a miracle. Did you know that those who belong to one another find themselves even when they are almost completely lost. Try to make it clear that it is not you who must be a father but you are a son. Being complicit with your father is beautiful but it must be a selfless relationship. But I know for sure that he loves you immensely. Here, my son, I thank you for making me proud to be your mother. I miss you so much, until we meet again …. for eternity. Your mother".

A few days ago Nina had revealed to fans the choice of Carlos to move to Fabrizio Corona's house. “At 18 he decides who to live with – he said -. He probably has more fun with his father. Apparently I'm too boring ”.

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