Carlotta Maggiorana, the former Miss Italy is pregnant: the announcement on Instagram

The former Miss Italy announced her pregnancy on Instagram with a very sweet photo

All about Carlotta Maggiorana, the winner of Miss Italia 2018

A moment full of happiness for Carlotta Maggiorana: the former Miss Italy 2018 announced on Instagram that she was pregnant. The rumors that have been circulating for a few weeks now are confirmed: Carlotta is expecting a baby.

The former Miss Italy shared a photo of a stroller in her Instagram stories. Accompanying the shot of the wheelchair the phrase "Wainting for … you" (or "We are waiting for you") and the background of the song Celeste by Laura Pausini. No details have been revealed at the moment, but Carlotta may soon show up with her baby bump.

This is the first child for the former competitor of Big Brother Vip and her husband Emiliano Perantoni. The two met when she was only 17, while he 13 years older. A love that has accompanied her in many important moments of her life, ever since she took her first steps in the world of entertainment.

Before being crowned the most beautiful in Italy, Carlotta was another valley in the program of Paolo Bonolis Avanti, at Paperissima and at Affari tua. There was no lack of appearances on the big screen where he also starred with actors of the caliber of Brad Pitt and Sean Penn in Tree of Life and in A Fantastic Coming and Going by Leonardo Pieraccioni.

In 2018 he participated in Miss Italy, winning the competition, and two years later, in 2020, he also took part in the fourth edition of Big Brother Vip, only to abandon after a few weeks for personal reasons. Carlotta lived her stay in the most spied house in Italy in a complicated way: the lack of her family and her husband, Emiliano Pierantoni, with whom she married in 2017 a year before triumphing, weighed in the decision to leave the game to Miss Italia.

"When I saw her for the first time, in a club in the Marche region, I was thirty and she was just seventeen … She was too young to investigate – he had told in a couple interview -. Three years later, in Rome, a mutual friend introduced us. But I waited two months before giving her the first kiss in the car ”. On several occasions the beautiful Carlotta had expressed her desire to become a mother: now a new, wonderful chapter in their lives is about to open for the couple.

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