Carnival 2016: the most beautiful events in Italy to bring children

Confetti, streamers, color and smiles, from north to south Italy every year celebrates Carnival for the joy of young and old

Carnival is the most playful and joyful party of the year. In all parts of Italy it is celebrated with the representation of allegorical floats. The structures are so beautiful and sophisticated as to attract the curiosity of many tourists. If you want to entertain your children, just walk the boot from north to south, from big cities to small urban centers, to come across masked parades, music and lots of fun. Let's see what are the most popular places to show your own.

During the Carnival period, Venice attracts many visitors every year. This year the holidays open on January 23 and end on February 9. In these days the Canareggio canal is transformed into a stage, while the Grand Canal into a red-carpet. The "Flight of the Angel" is scheduled for January 31, a moment long awaited by curious children. Girls who dream of a princely life must be brought by their parents to Madonna di Campiglio.

This year the Carnival is Habsburg, commemorating the arrival of Princess Sissi. Ballroom dances, masks, princely dresses, costumed skiing and sumptuous parades of period clothes are the protagonists. The Aosta Carnival (from 4 to 10 February) includes parades with costumes from ancient Rome. Folkloristic groups, parades of historical characters, masked groups and music performances are expected.

Also in the Aosta Valley there is "the Saint-Vincent Children's Carnival" a unique show of its kind. For a week the town remains in the hands of the children, with the election of the Mayor and the junta. In Liguria in Alassio on February 7 the "Children's Carnival" is staged with masks and parades. On the same day in Loana, the children celebrate the event with floats, sweets, music and lots of entertainment. Those who prefer to dream big, the Carnival of Viareggio in Lucca presents the parade of large and technological allegorical floats from February 7, every Sunday until March 5.

In Ferrara the Carnival of Cento starts on January 31 and ends on February 21. For several consecutive Sundays the six associations of the city parade with their wagons distributing sweets, gadgets, candies and puppets to the public for the little ones. In Bari with the Carnival of Putignano (24-30 January – 7-9 February) the streets of the town are transformed into an open-air theater. With all these appointments it is not difficult to find one suitable for the whole family, because the Carnival appeals to the little ones, but also to the older ones.

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