Carnival 2021: calendar and greetings phrases

Carnival 2021: calendar and greetings phrases

Carnival 2021 has arrived: the calendar of celebrations and the most beautiful greetings phrases

Parades, in compliance with the rules, celebrations and disguises: Carnival 2021 began with a calendar that, despite the Coronavirus emergency, resists and the desire to celebrate an anniversary loved by adults and children. How do you calculate the day you celebrate on Thursday and Shrove Tuesday? These special days are linked to Easter and in particular to Ash Wednesday.

Carnival 2021: the calendar

The calendar of Carnival 2021 therefore depends on the date of Easter which this year falls on April 4. From this starting point we have to go back 40 days, not counting Sundays, to identify the Ash Wednesday that arrives on February 17 in 2021. The day before this date is called Shrove Tuesday (February 16, 2021), while the previous Thursday is called Shrove Thursday (i.e. February 11).

The Catholic religion considers Ash Wednesday as the beginning of a period marked by penance and fasting. For this reason, in the preceding days, between Thursday and Tuesday, we had fun, in view of the privations, between banquets, parties and dances. The best way to celebrate Carnival is therefore to wear a mask, to let yourself go to the pleasures of life, and taste the typical sweets, from chatter to damselfish, passing through frappe and pancakes.

Carnival 2021: good wishes

Carnival is a party loved by many people, so it is nice to share phrases and wishes that tell about this special period. Let's find out some famous sayings and aphorisms to send to friends and relatives between Thursday and Shrove Tuesday.

  • Pulcinella had a rooster, he went there all day on horseback, with bridle and saddle. Long live the Pulcinella cockerel!
  • Sweet is the chatter of Carnival. Today every Chat is a special Lie!
  • Here comes, Carnival arrives! With the face of a joker, he jokes and laughs as hard as he can. It comes dancing and hopping! Bring cheerfulness, joy and harmony.
  • Carnival has arrived, every joke is now valid, these are days of joy, everything is joy and sympathy.
  • Carnivals pass, certain masks remain. (Jean-Paul Malfatti)
  • In everyday life, people hide under various masks. In the carnival the masks reveal their true face.
  • A diamond is forever, but confetti is no joke either.
  • Carnival has arrived, it bursts like a storm! Sing, dance and improvise amidst a shower of laughter!

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