Carnival, the traditional masks to print and color

Carnevale, le maschere della tradizione da stampare e colorare

From poems by Gianni Rodari to terms in English up to fun games: on the platform there are many activities for the Carnival

Carnival is one of the most loved and awaited parties not only by the little ones, who can have fun and play even more with their imagination, but also for the older ones who can go back to children for a few hours and let themselves be carried away by joy.

The digital education platform, on the occasion of this holiday, has created new interesting content specific and diversified for all ages.

Among the proposed activities there is a fun game. Participants can create their own Carnival work, after which the final result will be published on social networks by tagging Redooc and sent to the appropriate email [email protected] to receive the Diploma.

On the platform, the activities, as already mentioned, are divided according to age. For the little ones there is the poem by Gianni Rodari Carnevale in nursery rhyme. For pupils who attend primary school, however, there are two different contents, always signed by Gianni Rodari. The first is the poem The Harlequin's Dress, the second is Carnival.

For those, on the other hand, who want to learn more about a foreign language while having fun, on the portal you can work on the Carnival holiday in English. You learn the words related to this long-awaited appointment by young and old, but not only. Because there are several games and activities on the platform. For example, there are some masks to download and color according to your tastes and imagination. A fun activity to do all together to spend a few hours of joy. Among the various options found on the platform you can remember Batman, the princess or the butterfly: all to be customized.

Fun is also guaranteed thanks to some games to download. There is the memory of the Carnival characters, a pastime that pleases young and old and perfect for training the memory and challenging each other to get to know all the most beautiful masks. You can also download the themed domino, with avatars and letters, another game that can involve not only the little ones but the whole family.

And if Carnival is one of the parties in which the imagination is king, here is also the possibility to download from different avatars to cut out and color and then use them as characters of their games and make them live always new stories and adventures .

Lots of activities and games to spend the Carnival having fun and learning new things.

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