Carolina Marconi, free wigs for women with cancer: her goal

Carolina Marconi, free wigs for women with cancer: her goal

Carolina Marconi's commendable initiative: an association to give women with cancer free wigs

Since she announced that she has breast cancer, Carolina Marconi hasn't pulled back: she has chosen to share part of her journey with followers on Instagram, showing incredible courage, as well as inner strength. The diagnosis did not throw her into despair: life places many obstacles in the way, rebelling is our duty. After shaving her hair to zero, Marconi showed off her first wig. Now, however, she would like to launch a commendable (and important) initiative for all women who have cancer.

To communicate it was herself on her Instagram profile. With that typical smile that has always distinguished her, since the time of her participation in Big Brother, Carolina defined herself as "hairy hair", showing her new wig. She explained that it was a liberation for her to cut her hair well before they could fall out on their own: "Hair loss is your last thought when you start this journey."

Observing a gradual loss of hair would probably have scared her. “I was afraid of not recognizing myself, even if in my unconscious I understood that it was always me, my smile, my eyes”. Marconi's determination is a great inspiration for all of us. Why not let yourself be discouraged in front of such an immense rock is to be commended. Facing chemo cycles with a smile, a faithful companion that gives courage.

"In life you have to take care of yourself and love yourself, not wait for others to do it." Marconi, who said she would have fun changing her look with wigs, has an ambitious goal, which one cannot fail to share and support. In fact, she would like to create an association to distribute wigs completely free of charge to women with cancer.

“You wrote that the costs for well made wigs are quite high. There are people who unfortunately cannot afford such an expense. So, in my small way, I'm trying to create an association to try to help many women to get a free wig. It will take some time, but I hope you will help me ”. A nice gesture, one of those that give hope, that warm the heart. Because reaching out in the middle of a storm is not for everyone.

Carolina Marconi

Carolina Marconi, the post on Instagram

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