Carolina Marconi, how is she after the first chemo cycle

Carolina Marconi, how is she after the first chemo cycle

Carolina Marconi tells on Instagram the difficult path she is facing, keeping her many fans updated

A difficult and painful path that Carolina Marconi is told through her Instagram profile: the former Big Brother competitor is undergoing treatment to fight cancer and wanted to update her many fans on the eve of the second cycle of chemo to explain how is.

A journey that she is sharing with her followers on social media, where she previously wanted to tell about when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in March, her reaction to the news, but also the surgery she underwent.

Then the start of chemotherapy, which she showed with an image that portrays her during the first cycle, accompanied by reflections on her fears.

Now the Venezuelan showgirl has returned to tell the difficult path she is following by explaining how she is.

“Hola how are you? – wrote in support of two images posted on Instagram – In a few days I will have my second cycle of red chemo. I confess that I was terrified by the side effects it could cause … joint pain, vomiting and hair loss … fortunately these days I did not have so much these symptoms … alas until this morning … when I realized that instead a bit of I am losing tufts of hair… in a while you will see me pelatina (until they fall almost completely I do not shave them yet) ”, she explained to her many fans who follow her with affection and cheering for her.

"I'm always doing some sport in a moderate way, – he added – I try to follow a correct diet, not a diet, I try not to eat fried food, sweets, red meat and dairy products I drink about two liters of water a day … the big surprise is that I lost 3 kilos yuppppy and I feel great even if a little tired… ".

From an emotional point of view, Carolina talks about her strategy for dealing with this period: "I also try to keep my head busy with many positive things, the secret is never to lose heart and cheer up … there are hard days yes, of course I'm human , but in those most difficult days I try to be motivated and face them with strength and determination without ever breaking down maybe planning the work, painting, cooking then if I'm really tired I throw myself on the sofa, read a good book, watch a good series and repeat in my unconscious that sooner or later everything will pass and I will certainly become a better person today. It is a path that I must take with courage, knowing that there will surely come a day when everything that has been will certainly have served to strengthen my character … in the meantime, why not make this path more beautiful than it seems? ", Profound reflections which he then continued. writing: “This is life, nothing is easy and nothing is impossible.

Finally, a thought also for the many people who are supporting her in this difficult time: “Thanks again for the support for your incredible stories to share it with me in comparison I feel small you are great. Thank you for the many beautiful messages you give me grit and I am happy that you love me thank you for your time, for following me to write to me and for giving me a lot of advice you are helping me… I thank you from my heart I hug you all ”.

Carolina Marconi, the post on Instagram

Carolina Marconi, the post on Instagram

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