Carolina Marconi, when being reborn is everything: “Cancer killed me in so many ways”

Carolina Marconi’s rebirth passes through her incredible words and the internalization of a path that forced her to bring out the best

Carolina Marconi and the fight against cancer: a tireless (and courageous) warrior

November 10 is an important date for Carolina Marconi: it is to all intents and purposes the day in which she will have to undergo the last cycle of chemotherapy. Her words once again impressed Instagram followers, because she was stronger than any other moment. The battle against cancer was tackled on social media by Marconi: she never spared herself, showing the path, the weak moments and the inevitable rebirth.

Carolina Marconi, the relentless fight against breast cancer

The courage with which Carolina Marconi is telling her personal battle against evil is to be taken as an example and model. An incentive not to let go, to wear the best smile and enter the storms, even and above all when it is inevitable. “This is me today. The tumor killed me in so many ways, I don’t deny it, even though I’ve always tried to stay strong. Now I’m ready to be reborn ”.

Talking about pain and suffering, but above all showing scars is not for everyone. There is a great need to internalize one’s path. “I have a great desire to live that I can’t even tell you. You see me as I am, because over time I have come to love my scars and my body. We have love and strength inside… we just have to learn to bring them out when needed. When life puts you in front of insurmountable obstacles ”.

Carolina Marconi, the rebirth

Reading his words, we are reminded of the same ones of the writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez: “Human beings are not always born on the day their mothers give them birth, but life still forces them many times to give birth by itself”. And this is what Carolina Marconi did: she was reborn, she drew the greatest of inner strengths to face a path that could have demolished her, destroyed her. Marconi’s phrases have collected thousands of likes, but this is not what strikes, not the approval, but her smile never extinguished, her eyes that never lost their brilliance.

The virtual affection, the support for a warrior, did not fail. “On November 10th the last chemo awaits me and I can’t wait for this nerve-racking journey to end: it’s time to rise again. There were days when I no longer recognized myself in the mirror, after losing my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows and then I felt like another person with that bald head that makes me feel naked ”.

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