Carolina Marconi, your message on Instagram is a hymn to life

Carolina Marconi

After the last chemo, Carolina Marconi is returning to her everyday life and launches a message full of optimism

The most difficult battle, the one against cancer, Carolina Marconi took her home. Just a few weeks ago he finished his last cycle of chemotherapy and celebrated this great milestone, then slowly resuming his daily life. And if this is also a constant struggle, at least now she has a hope that keeps her flame alive: that of returning to normalcy, alongside the people who love her.

Carolina Marconi, a new beginning

The last chemo is now a memory that is rapidly receding, and Carolina Marconi is ready to take her life back into her own hands. In a beautiful video that she shared on Instagram, she recounts her new daily life: a continuous challenge, which she now faces with her splendid smile on her lips and with her boyfriend Alessandro Trulli next to her. “Always by my side, thank you for making me feel beautiful always” – the former gieffina begins, with a sweet dedication of love. Then, she dives into an account of the many activities she has already done, despite relatively little time since the end of the therapeutic path she has taken to fight breast cancer.

Between aperitifs with friends, some work commitments and a bit of sport, Marconi has decided not to stay still for one more minute. Even if it’s not easy: “It seems to see everyone going at 100 per hour unlike me. I understand that the body needs time to fully regain all its strength, but inside I am full of energy and desire to do ”- she admits with great enthusiasm. And it was during a meeting with her friends that she saw the light again: “It was all so surreal, the normality … I felt the happiest woman in the world because finally after a long time I felt carefree, I had no pain in my bones, I had no nausea or headache, it didn’t seem real to me. But above all I was not afraid “.

Carolina Marconi is living these days with a thousand, finally happy for the enormous goal achieved. The disease has changed her, it has given her a different look at the world, and today she is its spokesperson: “Health is a precious good, everything is resolved in life, you have to let things slip on you and live more lightly” – reveals the former gieffina – “Enjoy every single day of your life, it’s not worth getting angry. It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness “. His is a wonderful hymn to life, a message of hope to read and reread when we are in difficulty and everything seems dark to us.

Carolina Marconi, her most difficult challenge

Carolina, on the other hand, crossed that darkness without ever losing her beautiful smile. As brave as a lioness, she has faced the hard path that has led her to this day with her head held high, knowing that she can always count on the people around her. Starting with her partner Alessandro, who was by her side supporting her in the most difficult moments. Marconi has dedicated splendid words of love to him, and together they are planning to fulfill their greatest dream, that of expanding the family.

First, however, the beautiful actress has to face some final challenges: “In a week they will remove the pic port (the cursed cannula in my vein) and finally I will be able to see the light again. On December 15th I have the mammogram and then in January the total body for tests ”- explains Carolina. A few more steps to take to return to normalcy, which has never longed for so much.

Carolina Marconi, her hymn to life

Carolina Marconi

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