Caroline of Monaco, her husband Ernst of Hanover convicted of assault

Caroline of Monaco, her husband Ernst of Hanover convicted of assault

New problems for Caroline of Monaco: her husband Ernst from Hanover was convicted of assault

New troubles for Carolina of Monaco, but above all for her husband Ernst from Hanover who was sentenced to ten months for assault. The 67-year-old Austrian, as reported by APA, in July 2020 would have lashed out at a police officer while he was in an "evident state of alteration", while five days later he would have threatened another with a baseball bat.

According to the reconstruction carried out by the courts, the member of the Hanover family would have called the police, denouncing the fact that an employee wanted to kill him. When the officers arrived on the spot, however, Caroline of Monaco's husband began to insult and threaten them, even injuring one of the policemen. An attack that took place – it seems – due to the abuse of alcohol and drugs. For this episode, Ernst from Hanover was sentenced to 10 months in prison (but the sentence was suspended) and he was banned from drinking alcohol.

The lawyers tried to defend him, saying that everything would happen in a difficult period for the Prince of Hanover, marked by an operation to defeat cancer and some family quarrels. Even if Carolina and Ernst are still married, the marriage would have come to an end for 10 years. The two never officially divorced, but were never spotted together again. A farewell that would come due to the difficult nature of the man, involved over the years in numerous scandals.

Several attacks over the years, from that to a photographer in 1998, to that against the owner of a nightclub in 2000. In addition to the numerous betrayals (complete with paparazzi) against his wife. In 2009 the couple separated, after yet another header by Ernst, to then return together in 2015. In fact, however, the bond would have ended, so much so that the noble from Hanover would not even show up at the party for the age of 18. of daughter Alexandra. According to the press, Carolina never filed for divorce to protect her daughter and the ability to manage assets of 350 million. This is, of course, just gossip that has never been confirmed. For some time, in fact, Carolina has chosen the path of silence, refusing to comment not only on her relationship with her husband, but also on the scandals in which he was involved.

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