Carolyn Smith, on Instagram, a strong and moving letter to the cancer that struck her

Carolyn Smith, on Instagram, a strong and moving letter to the cancer that struck her

Carolyn Smith, the famous Dancing with the Stars judge, has cancer again. On his profile Instagram turns to the "intruder" to tell him that he is not afraid and intends to defeat him

Three years ago, he had thus told the beginning of his ordeal

Carolyn Smith, the very famous judge of Dancing with the Stars, is still fighting breast cancer. After defeating him, the tumor returned. As a strong and courageous woman, Carolyn wanted to write a letter to this evil that plagues her to tell him that she is not afraid to face it.

On her profile, Instagram addresses the cancer she calls an "intruder":

Dear Intruder, I really hoped that I wouldn't have to write a letter like that anymore, but I think it's necessary (…). You continue to underestimate me as a woman, indeed, I correct myself, as a really tough woman (…) a Wonder Woman with the temper of a warrior who will NEVER SENT AND WILL CONTINUE to fight you, to kick your butt, to throw you out of my body. I was clear! I explained it to you the first time in October 2015 when you chose me.

The dance teacher and judge calls herself a warrior.

Smith continues:

I fought you every day with my positivity and a big smile on my face, even when the tears were falling and I was suffering from pain. I will never, ever give you the satisfaction of destroying my spirit, my family and my soul. But you insist. You took away a part of my body, serenity at home, I lost my job, you raged on my biggest passion, dance. This was unforgivable. You do not even imagine the shame I felt at the beginning, when I tried to take a step and fell to the ground, the humiliation I felt because I was no longer able to do what I had been doing for fifty-three years!

He continues with great courage and anger towards an illness that has conditioned his existence and his affections:

I would have made every effort to chase you away, and I did it. I don't know how many times I risked my life. Do you remember when chemotherapy gave me that bad reaction? When did I stop breathing? And you remember two months after the mastectomy, when I had to fight against an infection that was threatening my vital organs! And what stopped me from going to London for my father's funeral? That time you really got over it, you thought you were going to make it … I'm sorry for you: you didn't break me. In fact, I'm here to write you a letter. I'm still there, and I'm here to stay.

Carolyn Smith, who supported the AIRC, is determined to resist and is not afraid to talk about cancer, trying to find positive elements even in suffering:

I even wrote a book with your name in the title, I danced with a stranger, but I didn't waste many words on your behalf, instead I talked about myself and how I approach everything that happens to me with a positive attitude. I talked about how to solve even the worst moments of life! Of how to reverse negative situations in great opportunities. So don't put your head up for the title. I just wanted people to know you as the cruel and unwanted intruder you are. And while I was fighting you, beautiful things happened to me.

He turns to cancer again:

So Dear Intruder I have to remind you that I won the first round, that I am also winning the second round against my lung infection and I assure you that you, tumor / intruder, that you have decided to occupy my body again, will have a short life.

And he talks about his long battle to get rid of the tumor:

In the two years that I challenged you to the cry of FUT (which stands for Fuck You Tumor), I learned to know my body much better to the point of feeling when something is wrong. This time I found you when you were starting your dirty work. Same family, equally aggressive, but much smaller. Fortunately for me, I have become a woman even stronger than and therefore you will have a very short life.

Carolyn Smith concludes with words that are both combative and hopeful. He will pause for a while to recover and to recover his body from the dark evil that wants to invade him as quickly as possible:

I'm even more positive than ever, even though you gave me a nice low shot three weeks ago. You could at least have waited for me to recover from the last trip, give me a break. No … this is not in your style, you don't work that way. I'm learning to slow down and take better care of myself, my family and my friends. This time I will stop a bit to recover even more strength and try to get my body back as tight as possible. My life can't wait, I have so many things to do … without you.
One last thing, remember my heartfelt slogans:
"Smile whatever happens", "Smile and never give up", "Fuck you!" Best regards. Carolyn Smith … your worst nightmare!

In your struggle, Carolyn is with you!

Carolyn Smith – Source: Instagram

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