Case Prati, new revelations by Eliana Michelazzo on Mark Caltagirone

Eliana Michelazzo reveals new details on Mark Caltagirone and Pamela Perricciolo's confidences.

Eliana Michelazzo returns to talk about the Prati case and the phantom businessman Mark Caltagirone, but above all about the relationship with Pamela Perricciolo. The affair has kept millions of viewers glued to TV for several months and it seems far from finished. The latest twist comes from the ex-agent of the Sardinian showgirl who told new details about the promised ghost groom.

As is well known, Michelazzo has repeatedly stated that she was the victim of Pamela Perricciolo's lies that would have convinced her of the existence of Simone Coppi, with whom the woman claimed to have been married for ten years.

“Simone was beautiful, he did an important job and yes, it didn't seem true, it was every woman's dream – he told FanPage -. But I believed it to the end. I had seen photos of Mark Caltagirone with Marco Di Carlo's face for two years. " Eliana also spoke about the phantom businessman and the photos shown by Prati during the interview with Verissimo.

"When I told Pamela Perricciolo that the man in the car with her was not the same as I had seen, he replied that Caltagirone was a repentant – he revealed -. For this reason they had shown me photos of a different man. I believed everything Pamela told me. "

In short: even if the television season has ended, the twists on the Prati case are not lacking and it seems that the affair is far from over. In September, in all likelihood, the protagonists of the most discussed case in recent months will return to the television lounges. Pamela Perricciolo said that other important characters besides Prati would be involved, while Eliana has announced a book.

What about Prati? The Sardinian showgirl enjoys the summer and the sea, but on Instagram she has made it known that the matter does not end here and that she will soon return to talk about Mark Caltagirone and what happened.

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