Castrocaro Festival, Stefano De Martino wins the challenge without Belen. And it is a success

Castrocaro Festival, Stefano De Martino wins the challenge without Belen. And it is a success

The great protagonist of the Festival was Stefano De Martino, who won the challenge of running even without Belen

Belen and Stefano De Martino, the story of a love still at the end of the line

An evening that saw the talent of young people win: great emotions for the final of the 63rd edition of the Castrocaro Festival, broadcast in prime time on Rai2. But the great protagonist of the event was certainly Stefano De Martino, who for the second year in a row was at the helm of the music festival. As a great performer he was able to perfectly juggle the challenges of the boys, playing down the most tense moments of the race with jokes.

The presenter of Made In Sud managed to shine even without Belen Rodriguez, who last year had joined him in the conduct of the Festival, surprising the audience with a sensual tango (which reminded so much of the one that sparked the passion between the two ad Friends).

The conduct therefore saw Stefano De Martino alone, perhaps to avoid further friction in the relationship between the two ex, already somewhat compromised, between the breakup and the gossip that continue to see them as protagonists. According to the latest rumors, it seems that Stefano De Martino has tried to win back Rodriguez, landing in Ibiza to try to return with her, which however would not seem willing to forgive him again.

Gossip aside, De Martino has managed to overcome the challenge of conducting such an important musical event, which over the years has seen the birth of great stars such as Eros Ramazzotti, Zucchero, Nek, Fiorella Mannoia and Laura Pausini.

To reach the final phase of the competition by passing the selections – which took place only online due to the health emergency – were eight young people: Fellow (Federico Castello), Jacopo (Jacopo Ottonello), Laura (Laura Fantauzzo), Le Radici ( duo composed of Marco Costanzo and Mario Cianniello), Nadia D'Aguanno, Daino (Niccolò Dainelli), Neno (Stefano Farinetti) and the Watt (quartet composed of Greta Elisa Ravelli Rampoldi, Matteo Ravelli Rampoldi, Luca Corbani and Luca Vitariello).

Their path during the evening was evaluated by the artistic jury formed by Bugo, fresh from the experience of the Sanremo Festival, the indie singer-songwriter Maria Antonietta, the producer Taketo Gohara and Riccardo Zanotti of the Pinguini Tattici Nucleari.

The judges actively took part in the competition, accompanying the boys in some performances. There was no shortage of moments of fun during the evening: the comic performances of the Arteteca, the comic duo of Made in Sud, eased the tension of the competition. Before the evening, the nice couple on Instagram had launched some digs at De Martino: "We will dance like Stefano and Belen, we will sing like Al Bano and Romina, we will go away suddenly like Morgan ”.

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