Caterina Balivo, a romantic October escape to Formentera

The presenter gave herself a weekend on the island with her spouse Guido Maria Brera

Caterina Balivo, engaged in conducting the new season of Vieni da Me, was granted a romantic escape in Formentera in the company of her husband Guido Maria Brera.

The Neapolitan presenter started the first Sunday in October by sharing three shots that portray her most sensual in a black one-piece swimsuit on a boat. Cat eye sunglasses and hair in the wind, the Balivo smiles with the wonderful sea of ​​the island in the background.

Looking at the photos, it does not even seem to be an autumn moment and, not surprisingly, the hostess of the Vieni da Me living room chose an eloquent caption, that is, "Did someone say October?".

He also spoke of this anomalous situation on a climatic level in the stories, where he obviously showed the beauty of the sea better. As a soundtrack to accompany the breathtaking view of the waters of Formentera, he chose a song by Carl Brave.

Caterina Balivo has carved out two days of break with her wife, the 50-year-old manager and writer Guido Maria Brera. According to what he said a few hours ago always in the stories, he will return to Italy tomorrow to resume all work commitments.

In the meantime, she rested by waking up in front of the sea in the early autumn and joking both about her husband's refusal to photograph her in full length, and about the effect of salt water on her hair. Most likely – to prove it the shots posted on Instagram think – Brera changed his mind and decided to accept his wife's request. She, for her part, concluded the brief documentation of her Spanish escape by posting a story of her feet in crystal clear water with the words "Leave me like this".

Now all that remains is to admire it in the living room of Vieni da Me. After a week that saw guests like Giancarlo Magalli go by – who told of his professional and personal friction with Adriana Volpe – Ariadna Romero and Susanna Messaggio, in the coming days they are expected in the studio the water polo player Amauris Pérez and his wife Angela Rende, but also Roberta Capua. The former Miss Italy is the VIP of the mysterious house, that is the one who, until the Friday just ended, has left the viewers of the telephone game on their toes.

Source – Instagram @caterinabalivo

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