Caterina Balivo beautiful without makeup. And on Instagram he reveals details about his future on TV

Caterina Balivo beautiful without makeup. And on Instagram he reveals details about his future on TV

Caterina Balivo appeared on Instagram soap and water and answering questions from fans revealed details about her future

For Caterina Balivo the holidays are running out and on Instagram she showed herself soap and water, without a trace of makeup. The presenter has never stopped updating her followers on her daily life, including bathing in the sea and boat trips, the pranks of her children Guido Alberto and Cora and some recipes. And he also revealed details about his future on TV.

In fact, on Instagram she published a shot that depicts her while having breakfast: with a cup in her hand, Caterina appeared natural, without make-up and with tousled hair. To accompany the photo the phrase: “September 1st, you have arrived! And now where do we start? I tidy up my hair and ideas and see you later. Let's update! ”.

The post on social media, which collected thousands of likes and comments in a very short time, was flooded with questions from followers. The most frequent, among the many appreciations for its natural beauty, was: "When are you back on TV?".

With her usual irony, the Balivo wanted to reveal to her fans that her reappearance on the small screen will not be immediate: "It will pass a bit so I rejuvenate a bit", replied the presenter, a clear sign that at the moment she has other plans for its future, after an intense television season.

Her admirers, who were just waiting to see her again at the helm of a new program, were disappointed and embittered: “No, but what bad news !!! I couldn't wait for something of yours to start! "," Don't say bullshit, you have to get back to television soon "," No what a pity! "," We miss you so much ".

After all, Caterina had confessed that she had left for her choice – and not for measures taken by Rai – the program that she had conducted very well for two years, Come to Me. some fans had replied by saying "My decision not to be there", refuting rumors and gossip about the conclusion of his television adventure.

At the moment, therefore, nothing is certain about the future of the beloved presenter: what is certain is that she will take advantage of this break from the small screen to enjoy moments with her dearest loved ones, to return to TV more charged than ever.

Caterina Balivo

Caterina Balivo. Source: Instagram

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