Caterina Balivo closes its doors, Piero Angela excites in Vieni da Me

Caterina Balivo enchants in a miniskirt on Instagram and then goes wild with Jovanotti

Caterina Balivo concludes Come to Me with an exceptional guest like Piero Angela who gives moments of emotion and a few tears

Caterina Balivo in Come to me: look and curiosity

Caterina Balivo concludes Come to Me with Piero Angela.

An exceptional guest therefore closes the doors of a broadcast that the Neapolitan presenter has turned into a huge success.

For the grand finale, Balivo shows up in the studio with a sparkling gold mini dress and the much-criticized high headband which, however, now seems to have become a must.

Piero Angela, born in 1928, returns on TV next June 26 with a new edition of Superquark. The journalist tells of his youth, love for his wife, pride for the family and of course Alberto, the most famous son and his professional heir.

Caterina does not hide her having a little awe towards the illustrious guest, as when standing in front of the principal. Angela tells of her beginnings. Despite having 11 honorary degrees, he never graduated. He had enrolled in engineering but had to stop to go to work:

I studied music, I took the exams at the conservatory and I who was passionate about jazz, a friend invited me to collaborate on the radio and one day he gave me a microphone in his hand. We did some tests and after several months I started doing the first reports, but I waited eight years to be hired on Rai.

The journalist reveals his romantic side when he talks about his wife Margherita with whom he celebrated 64 years of marriage from which two children were born, Alberto and Christine. Today Angela is a proud grandfather, although she would have liked some granddaughter.

Alberto Angela says of his son:

He is a biologist, he has always been an enthusiast. In fact he did natural sciences. He was a researcher, studied in major American universities and only when he was very advanced with his work did he start working with me.

There was no shortage of emotion and a few tears in the studio when, when asked by Balivo what gift he would have wanted for the 90 years, the popularizer replied:

I'd like to leave like Moliere, die on stage. For me who love this job it would be the right gift.

Catherine therefore closes the season of Come to Me with the certainty that next year is confirmed. On his Instagram profile, after the outburst against the criticisms received, the moment of thanks comes:

It was September 7th 2018 and it was the first day and only day of rehearsals of Come to Me.
I have not forgotten a single minute of this long tiring season full of many changes but beautiful that ends today.
Come from Me is a program that made everyone sweat, from the sound engineers, to the cameramen, to the direction, to the authors, all have contributed to making it what it has become today!
But who really makes me proud and grateful for the work that I have the honor and the burden of doing YOU ARE YOU.
You who, between constructive criticisms and reasoned compliments, have always given me detached and useful advice.
Sometimes we were moved together, sometimes we danced together and many times we laughed together.
Today I will dress in my best smile to enter your home and try to bring some light-heartedness and some interesting reflection on this hot June afternoon.
I say thank you, thank you very much …

And then comes the toast with the team that collaborated on the broadcast.

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