Caterina Balivo divina in bikini on Instagram. And it beats all

Caterina Balivo divina in bikini on Instagram. And it beats all

Caterina Balivo surprises her fans and greets the summer with a perfect bikini on Instagram

Caterina Balivo greets the holidays with a stunning bikini that amazes the fans and highlights the splendid physical form of the hostess of Come from Me.

The first of September is a turning point for everyone, the holidays are over and everything is back to normal. But for this last day of relaxation, Caterina Balivo wanted to give a special gift to her Instagram followers, posing in two pieces – she who always shows herself in one piece – and dedicating the shot to a special greeting to her beautiful summer , lived to the maximum between deserved rest, fun and family.

"Costumes away, sunscreen away, food away, gossip magazines away, aperitifs away, timeless pampering away, inflatable away. I will miss him a lot this summer and I want to close it like this ”.

This is the caption that accompanies the image that makes fans happy. The Neapolitan presenter looks smiling, relaxed, tanned, with all the light and energy of summer on her, ready to dive into the fatigues of the new television year.

But what is most striking about the many Balivo fans on Instagram is the outfit (unusual for her), chosen by the queen of RaiUno afternoons. The presenter is not often seen in a bikini, and the bright orange two-piece she wears in the photo brings out all her sunny beauty.

The admired comments of the followers are not slow in arriving, of course. There are those who congratulate themselves for the amazing form of the almost forty year old: "If I am not mistaken, next year I am 40, you don't really show them … I really want to see those who criticize you if at 40 they will be sexy and beautiful like you". And there are those who joke: "I hope that at the party of your 18 years you will invite me … always beautiful." And of course, there are those who notice and applaud the unpublished look: "Finally in two pieces, it was time, however it is always wonderful , compliments."

After an intense summer, the Balivo is ready to resume its position as hostess of Vieni da Me in the afternoons of RaiUno. Many fans are looking forward to it after the summer break, and the presenter has already started attending Rai studios to develop all the news for next season with her staff.

But meanwhile, on this summer Sunday, she has managed to amaze her fans, with the magic of genuine soap and water.

Caterina Balivo – Source: Instagram

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