Caterina Balivo, Fabio Canino confesses to Come to Me

Caterina Balivo, Fabio Canino confesses to Come to Me

Caterina Balivo hosts Fabio Canino, judge of Dancing with the Stars, and there are small embarrassments and pungent jokes. Also on the De Girolamo

Caterina Balivo in Come to me: look and curiosity

Caterina Balivo, who collects yet another success at Vieni da Me with Tullio Solenghi, hosts Fabio Canino.

During the interview of the chest of drawers to the famous judge of Dancing with the Stars, there are moments of embarrassment and some biting jokes.

It was triggered by the beautiful Caterina who presents herself to the public with an iridescent pink shirt, full of bows. The presenter makes fun of her conduct of Detto Fatto, opening the first drawer where she found a dish with a box of tuna:

I conducted Detto Fatto for 6 years, during which I learned to do only this …

The studio reacted to the joke with a laugh. Today the transmission of Rai due, which closed its doors for the summer, is successfully presented by Bianca Guaccero. Then the interview with Canino comes alive. The presenter talks about Milly Carlucci's show:

I feel the weight of not offending anyone. However, each of us has a role. When I judge, I watch the staging and if the look is suitable for the dance. Carolyn, on the other hand, being a technician, judges the technique. It is normal that if there were five technicians to judge, there would be no VIPs to dance and it would not air on Saturday evening.

Canino then does not spare Nunzia De Girolamo, the protagonist of a dispute fought with his master Raimondo Todaro. And he calls it "very clever". The judge also recalls the clash with Alba Parietti (guest several times in Vieni da Me), when he was a competitor of Ballando. Now the relationship has adjusted, but then the tones were heated:

I've been bad. She got very angry but then we made peace.

Canino also tells of his homosexuality and when he first mentioned it to his parents:

When I was about 18 I called my parents. It was about a late summer evening and I sat them down. My parents immediately began to worry I told them to sit down that I had to tell him something that perhaps he would not like, that could make them cry. My parents already thought that I had broken the car or that I had made some other mess. Instead when I said to my "I'm gay" my mother heaved a sigh of relief and ended up as always with my father who said ok let's go to lunch.

Then we talk about the book written by Canino, The words that are missing from the heart, where the love story between two Serie A players is told:

The words that are missing from the heart are those that must be said because in a love story it is better to say something more, while those that are not said out of pride are the ones you regret.

And at Balivo there is the doubt that there is some autobiographical reference, creating a certain embarrassment.

While on the host's Instagram profile, fans remain enchanted by her beauty and elegance.

Caterina Balivo – Source: Instagram

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