Caterina Balivo, Franco Gatti dei Ricchi and Poveri moves to Come to Me

Caterina Balivo, Franco Gatti dei Ricchi and Poveri moves to Come to Me

After the photo of envy with Angelina Jolie, shared on Instagram, Caterina Balivo excites everyone with Franco Gatti who remembers her missing son

Caterina Balivo, Come to me 2019-2020: look and curiosity

Caterina Balivo amazes everyone by sharing on Instagram the photo she took with Angelina Jolie, at the premiere of Maleficent 2. The Hollywood star lends herself to the selfie and the Neapolitan presenter does not give up the headband with horns, lowering herself perfectly into the part.

An unforgettable night for the beautiful Caterina who jokes about the Stories, commenting that she and Jolie are watching an episode of Come from Me on the phone. The glamorous evening of the presenter inspires envy among her followers. And someone intrigued asks on Instagram how beautiful Angelina is live.

But the night is short and the bailiff must return with his feet on the ground. So here she is ready for a new installment of Vieni da Me. Maxi white shirt, black trousers and very high décolletée, Caterina welcomes Iaia Forte, the actress of Grande Bellezza and Franco Gatti, the Baffo dei Ricchi and Poveri in the studio.

It is this last one that touches the public telling of the death of his son Alessio: "I feel him close. It was incredible. He started trading on the stock exchange and earned six months. I taught him some deal and he immediately learned to play. He didn't talk about studying, but he was brilliant. He drank too much and this was his misfortune “.

The singer visibly moved continues: "At home a seagull always came in the morning to see me. I looked at him and then he left. In Moscow I then thought of my son and saw a seagull. If this wasn't a message? I believe we will meet again, I hope ”.

After the death of Alessio for Franco it became impossible to go on stage again. This is why he decided to leave the Rich and Poor: "Go on stage after his death … I was no longer happy. I was a fool, I made fun of myself, but I didn't feel like it anymore. I was also tired of traveling, but he was the main reason. I knew I was hurting my colleagues. They understood and I stopped ”.

La Balivo surprises him by bringing his wife Stefania into the studio, who has only words of love for him: “The greatest gift you gave me is to be near me. Let's revive Alessio, and I'll always be grateful for it, all my life. " The death of his son injured them but did not separate them and Stefania's statement is proof of this. Their strength and courage also helped their other daughter, Federica, who experienced a period of great difficulty after her brother's death.

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