Caterina Balivo, Giorgio Mastrota announces the wedding in Come to Me. Natalia Estrada excluded

Caterina Balivo, Giorgio Mastrota announces the wedding in Come to Me. Natalia Estrada excluded

Giorgio Mastrota officiates at Vieni da Me the wedding with his partner Floribeth and confirms that Natalia Estrada will not be among the guests

Caterina Balivo in Come to me: look and curiosity

Caterina Balivo hosts Giorgio Mastrota in Vieni da Me.

The Neapolitan presenter arrives in the studio with a decidedly summery look: one-shoulder dress with flowers and red sandals. The week in Vieni da Me begins in a sparkling way, especially thanks to the interview of the king of teleshopping who announced the marriage with his partner Floribeth Gutierrez with whom he had two children, Matilde and Leonardo.

Their marriage has been talked about for some time but has not yet materialized. Now the bailiff wants a precise answer and Mastrota satisfies her:

When am I getting married? I once said to you at the age of 60, then Flo came home and told me to speed up. Now with the fact that we go to live in the mountains, change of life, I said next year we will get married.

So, in a year's time we should expect orange blossoms: Giorgio and Flo should get married in Bormio where they will live. The exact date seems not to be there yet, but one thing is certain: Natalia Estrada, ex di Giorgio, will not be invited:

Our paths have been separated for many years now, we have a good relationship because we have a wonderful daughter together, but it seems to me that even a few years ago she got married and did not invite me. I find it normal, they are not for those couples of ex who, after leaving, continue to see each other and go out together.

Therefore, there is no grudge between Mastrota and Estrada, who have become grandparents of a beautiful child, daughter of Natalia jr, there is nothing left. Although he remembers the presenter:

It was a wonderful story with Natalia. I have been in love. We burned the stages and she is a wonderful grandmother and mother.

According to Giorgio, "Flo is not jealous" by Natalia, even if when they called him "ex-husband of Estrada" he was a little annoyed, not because he was the actress but as an ex.

The interview is a success and on Balivo's Instagram profile they comment as follows:

Hi Catherine your program is a fairy tale never stop smiling.

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