Caterina Balivo gives up on Gay Pride: the outburst and the message on Instagram

Caterina Balivo gives up on Gay Pride: the outburst and the message on Instagram

Caterina Balivo unleashes herself after the controversy for her role as godmother at Pride Milano: "I discriminated against". And on Instagram a sibylline comment appears

Caterina Balivo in Come to me: look and curiosity

Caterina Balivo was to be godmother of the Gay Pride in Milan on June 29th, but in the end she gave up the role.

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, the presenter explained the reason that pushed her to refuse the assignment and took some pebbles from her shoe:

When they invite you to a party and you like the party you are always very happy to participate. If then you understand that a good portion of guests does not like your presence, then it is good not to go there.

In fact, the beautiful Caterina was the subject of numerous criticisms for a comment that addressed Ricky Martin: "You are good even if you are a fagot". Balivo forcefully rejects any accusations of homophobia and explains that that sentence has been decontextualized, although she recognizes that reading it is absolutely unpleasant and "horrible".

It was a video of an evening with friends, they joked, just as my homosexual friends joke when they say to my husband: why do you go with women? I wonder if the facade or the substance matters anymore. But then: Pride serves to unite and overcome barriers. What is the mission? Being inclusive or not? A person has been excluded who for years has said that love is the protagonist and not the gender.

La Balivo, veteran of the success of Vieni da Me, explains that the Pride Milano organizers had insisted that she not give up but in the end she preferred not to be there, adding however that she is the one to be discriminated against:

I know what my path is and my thought: I am not pointing at it, I have never discriminated against anyone. A part of the community discriminated against me.

It's still:

I had to withdraw with great regret because I can't spoil a party. Prejudice and discrimination are always wrong: Pride should break down barriers, but some have raised one around me.

Meanwhile, on her Instagram page, Caterina has published some of her dizzying photos with a splendid red look, taken by Cosimo Buccolieri. She comments:

FUN FACT: to get angry and walk you use the same amount of muscles, the difference lies in the wrinkles that the first effort gives you and in the benefits that the other gives you, always reflect before getting angry, in the end you will only hurt yourself themselves.

An indirect message to the Pride affair? Has Balivo decided to go further and not take it?

Meanwhile, the followers are ecstatic with her beauty and a shower of compliments arrives for her.

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