Caterina Balivo, her plans for the future: TV is far away

Caterina Balivo, her plans for the future: TV is far away

Caterina Balivo will not be back on TV soon. And, on Instagram, he confesses to his fans that it is his decision

Caterina Balivo, the new life on Instagram away from TV

For a long time Caterina Balivo has been a constant presence on Italian television. Every afternoon, first with Detto Fatto and then with his Vieni da Me, he entertained the Italian public with great professionalism by providing original and quality content and interesting interviews. At least until he decided to take a long break.

Abandoned Come to Me, not without causing a bit of sadness in the public who appreciated her so much for her cheerfulness and her sincerity, she dedicated herself to her family and her passions, resting after having sustained truly demanding rhythms for years . However, he never gave up on having direct contact with his fans, with whom he interacted day after day through his official channels on social networks.

And it is through social media that Caterina Balivo responded to those who can't wait to be able to admire her again on the small screen, clarifying what her plans for the future are. The presenter, in fact, has never denied that one day she will return to work on television. This hypothesis, however, seems to be still a long way off.

I hope – commented a fan under a Balivo post on Instagram – your return to TV.

The response of the presenter, intent on celebrating the arrival of the new year with her husband Guido Maria Brera and children Guido Alberto and Cora, was not long in coming. Caterina has displaced everyone by stating that, however, for the moment she has no intention of returning to TV:

Not for the moment, it's my decision.

The choice, therefore, would be the presenter and not the managers of Rai or other television networks. Perhaps the absence of a project that excites her or the desire to continue enjoying tender moments with her family is blocking her. The farewell, however, is by no means definitive: sooner or later the Balivo will return to entertain the Italian public. Caterina, in fact, as she had already made known in the past, will carefully evaluate the proposals that will be made to her.

In the meantime, while enjoying everyday life with her children in serenity, the Balivo continues to be loved and known, speaking to her supporters through social networks and proposing interesting initiatives to them. Is his return to TV really far away or will he soon change his mind?

Caterina Balivo

Caterina Balivo responds to her fans and confesses that she has decided not to return to TV soon.

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