Caterina Balivo in bikini on Instagram: reveals her passion for proverbs

Caterina Balivo in bikini on Instagram: reveals her passion for proverbs

Caterina Balivo shows herself in a black bikini and leaves everyone breathless on Instagram. Costume test passed for the presenter, despite making fun of her belly

Caterina Balivo: photo on Instagram between bikini and beach look

Caterina Balivo shares some photos on Instagram that portray her in a bikini and leaves you breathless. It is a rarity to see her wearing the two-piece, she usually prefers one-piece swimsuits. And she also in the Stories underlines her original beach outfit: "You noticed I also put on the two pieces, naturally high waisted".

In fact, the beautiful Caterina wears a particular 1950s pin-up style black bikini: bandeau bra, slave sleeves and briefs with ruffles at the waist that enhance the flat belly and the wasp waist. The bailiff ironically: "Wait, I have to pull my belly, I have to do that all the year has struggled for the costume test". And touching his tummy: "As if I had 100 children".

In reality, Caterina Balivo does not need containment lingerie, the presenter is fit and the choice of the bikini sends fans who rush to compliment her into raptures. "This costume is from God 🤗". "Your costume is splendid." "Anyway, if I can, with that outfit you're fine, it gives you… .😍😍😍". And there are even those who envy your husband because they can stay with you: "In life I would like to be Guido Brera🔥".

The presenter takes advantage of the beach holiday to devote herself to her passions. And so on Instagram he always reveals that he loves proverbs. At home, overlooking the island of Giglio, he found an ancient booklet, published in 1882, which contains a series of popular sayings. She comments: "I love proverbs, real maxims of life, the result of popular wisdom or the so-called 'popular philosophy'". And she enjoys sharing some pearls of wisdom with her followers: "this is what I chose for this Monday morning:" Who loves well, punishes well "that is, who really cares about a person scolds her when necessary and gives her advice to help her improve herself more and more. All agree?!? 😂😘 ".

Caterina Balivo is on vacation with her extended family. With her are the children Guido Alberto and Cora, had by Guido Maria Brera, and Costanza and Roberto, children of her husband's first bed. The presenter is enjoying a well-deserved rest after her farewell, Come to Me. Next year there will be a new adventure for her on Rai, according to rumors she will conduct a program on Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile, he is dedicated to ecological operations, cleaning the beach with his family and immersing himself in nature with a wake-up call at dawn to enjoy the eclipse wearing a splendid white dress, all naturally documented on Instagram.

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