Caterina Balivo looks like a bride and enchants more than Elodie at Come to Me


Caterina Balivo with the white dress looks like a bride and challenges Elodie in terms of style to Come to Me. While on Instagram she fascinates

Caterina Balivo, Come to me 2019-2020: look and curiosity

Caterina Balivo virtually welcomes you to Vieni da Me Elodie and for the occasion she must be more beautiful than ever. The comparison is indeed challenging.

For the occasion, therefore, the presenter chooses to wear a white dress in sangallo. A very summery and fresh look, almost like a schoolgirl, but with an attractive style.

The bodice is woven into a shawl, highlighting the perfect décolleté, while the balloon skirt reveals the tanned legs. At her feet Catherine wears colored sandals and a pink belt at the waist. To make everything more sparkling, the Balivo became permanent and the helmet becomes curled. It leaves you breathless again like when you wore the patterned jumpsuit.

The presenter gives a preview of the look on her Instagram profile, leaving fans delighted. She is so enchanting that someone defines her as a bride: "Beautiful and chic, you look like a bride!". Caterina likes more and more and the compliments are not lacking: "You are always faultless, engaging with that touch of self-irony that makes you unique". And again: “You are also beautiful, very beautiful makeup. Beautiful and good !! ".

Someone, on a level playing field, remembers that Elodie is also on the air: "I love Elodie and I love you! @caterinabalivo ".

In short, the beautiful Caterina, who confessed to living separated from her husband for security reasons, massacres hearts and Elodie, always charming, remains in the background.

But the interview of the drawer to which the singer is subjected reveals surprises. Elodie tells of his past as a cubist during which he had to fight against prejudices: “I lived in Gallipoli and Lecce for five years, I was a cubist: when I started, everyone knew me. In those moments you have to live with the first job-related injury. Usually people think that Cubists are easy women. I had to fight with these gossips, with this discomfort. Then I had a lot of fun because I had an alter ego, it was the first job I did that comes close to what I do now. "

And of Andromeda, the song presented in Sanremo says: “A very important song, it was a beautiful Sanremo for me: it is a complicated, complex song, I have a beautiful memory inside me. I really liked how it went. "

Elodie also talks about his family and the education he received: "Mine is a different family, even as a type of couple: a mixed family was particular thirty years ago. This helped me to experience diversity as an enrichment, I received a different education than that of my friends: I had many freedoms and I first saw the human being of the parent ". Her dad was a street artist, while she calls her mom an extravagant woman who often embarrassed her.

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