Caterina Balivo, Marco Tardelli confesses about Myrta Merlino from Vieni da Me

Caterina Balivo, Marco Tardelli confesses about Myrta Merlino from Vieni da Me

Caterina Balivo hosts Vieni da Me Marco Tardelli who tells his private side, from the love for Myrta Merlino to flirting with Moana Pozzi

Caterina Balivo, Come to me 2019-2020: look and curiosity

Caterina Balivo concludes the Vieni da Me week with Marco Tardelli who is interviewed by the dresser.

The presenter welcomes the world champion wearing a tuxedo jumpsuit. The conversation focuses on Tardelli's football debut and on his relationship with his father, then he receives the surprise of his daughter Sara, now a journalist. At that point the former midfielder let himself go to private confessions. Referring to his daughter he revealed: "Sentimentally I was a bit naughty and lively. At 12 I had to explain to her that she would have a little brother, but from a different mother. But she had already understood that ".

The other son he talks about is Nicola, whom he got from journalist Stella Pende. About flirting, the question about Moana Pozzi is inevitable. Tardelli explains that it was a very brief report: "I met her in a restaurant, but it was a two-day thing". Sara intervenes at this point, pointing out that she was a very intelligent woman.

Now, however, Tardelli's heart beats for Myrta Merlino that Sara likes very much. The two have been partnering since 2016, but prefer to live their story far from the spotlight. The former footballer and the journalist from L 'aria che pula had known each other for at least 15 years before their friendship turned into love. In one of the very rare interviews in which they talk about their relationship, Merlin confessed her partner's jealousy.

Certainly theirs is a deep bond that needs no publicity. And Tardelli, who turned 65 last September, said on another occasion that he stays in shape thanks to diet, physical activity and love. And the reference can only be to Myrta Merlino.

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