Caterina Balivo, Maurizio Costanzo and the confession on Guido Maria Brera

Caterina Balivo, Maurizio Costanzo and the confession on Guido Maria Brera

Maurizio Costanzo compliments Vieni da Me with Guido Maria Brera and Caterina Balivo reveals that they no longer live together for security reasons

Caterina Balivo, Come to me 2019-2020: look and curiosity

Caterina Balivo virtually hosts Maurizio Costanzo in Vieni da Me. But this time it is she who releases rumors about her married life with Guido Maria Brera.

In fact, Costanzo immediately congratulates Caterina's husband, author of the book Devils which has become a highly successful TV series with Patrick Dempsey and Alessandro Borghi: "Congratulate your husband Guido Maria Brera for Diavoli". There follows an exchange of jokes about the fact that it is a Sky program that is not convenient to mention on Rai. And then comes the revelation of the bailiff: she and Guido Maria Brera have lived in separate houses since May 4th.

But be careful, no couple crisis: "Know that he left home from May 4th, since I started working again to stay safe". The two decided to live temporarily under different roofs for precautionary reasons since Balivo returned to work on Rai. As in quarantine they decided to sleep in separate beds, so in phase 2 they preferred to keep their distance to avoid risks.

During the interview, it was not only about Catherine who, to best welcome the illustrious guest, presented herself with a truly original look: hair pulled back with gel, glitter shirt, trousers-scarves.

Costanzo had wonderful words for Maria De Filippi, both as a wife and as a mother. "Maria is an excellent mom. It is a beautiful encounter in my life. At the end of August we celebrate 25 years of marriage ".

Love is a recurring theme in these episodes of Come by Me. On Monday 25 May it was Arisa's turn to confirm that she was still engaged, even if she didn't say anything more about her love.

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