Caterina Balivo more and more beautiful and reveals: "It will be a pleasure to grow old"

Caterina Balivo more and more beautiful and reveals: "It will be a pleasure to grow old"

The showgirl talked about wrinkles on Instagram, offering a nice message to her many followers

Beautiful, ironic and always ready to share moments of her everyday life: Caterina Balivo, even if far from television after the last edition of Come to me, still entertains the many fans. It does so by always showing a very sunny side of itself as well as offering important messages to reflect on.

And once again he interacts with his audience, choosing stories on Instagram, on this occasion to talk about the passing of time. Caterina returns to the sea where she is bathing with her daughter. While chatting about the November heat with the camera, he focuses on a critical point: the one between the eyebrows, where the signs of expression appear first. “Meanwhile the sun makes these wrinkles even more marked – he says touching his forehead -. A friend of mine would say go with the pricks. I resist".

In the story, the showgirl has also given the followers the opportunity to have their say on a possible aesthetic intervention or not. The survey result suggests she resist the temptation. After all, Caterina Balivo is beautiful and has a unique charm and freshness. Her many fans also appreciate her for being able to show herself naturally naturally, which she often does on Instagram, just like on this occasion.

And in this regard, the following images are even more exhaustive. Caterina recovers while washing the dishes in her kitchen, an image of domestic and real life. He does it to talk to his followers: "I wanted to thank you because you all wrote to me in private to resist the bites," he said, then underlining: "Except my friend who wrote to me: no go otherwise in three or four years. find your whole face marked ".

And at that point the show girl added: "Yes marked, but from my own skin". And to further strengthen the concept, he accompanied everything from the written sentence “It will be a pleasure to grow old” with the emoticon of the laughing face. A beautiful message of acceptance of her own beauty and of the passing time that Caterina Balivo wanted to share with the many people who follow her, using her beautiful smile and inevitable irony.

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