Caterina Balivo on the terrace, the photo of the feet enchants Instagram


Caterina Balivo wishes her fans a good week with a photo on the terrace showing her feet in the foreground. The presenter is gorgeous

Caterina Balivo, the new life on Instagram away from TV

Caterina Balivo shares a photo on Instagram that portrays her in her Roman terrace to tell how the week started, leaving everyone breathless.

The presenter is not on TV this year, but she continues to keep in touch with her fans where she documents everything she does: what she eats, how she trains, the challenges as a mother and the look suggestions. So the beautiful Caterina Balivo decided to show how she started the week by sharing on Instagram a selfie that portrays her on the splendid terrace of her house in Rome where she has moved for three years now, since she left the management of Detto Fatto per take the helm of Come to Me.

In the photo in question, the beautiful Caterina is wearing a pretty blue shirt with colored stripes and is sitting at the table while leafing through some magazines enjoying the light and warmth of the November sun. In full relaxation, he stretches his legs comfortably on a chair. The Balivo wears neither socks nor shoes and her bare feet are portrayed in the foreground to the delight of her fans who adore that detail of the presenter.

She writes: “Sometimes a ray of sunshine and a smile are enough to change the perspective of things and start the day in the best possible way. Good start of the week 😘 ".

The photo immediately goes viral and provokes a vivid debate among the followers who comment on Instagram: "You are a splendor 😍 good week to you and your family too ❤️". The comments on the feet are not to be missed: “Piedi top👍”, “Beautiful as always from head to toe!”. "Hello Catherine, always beautiful and congratulations on your magnificent feet!".

A mother suggests that to start the week well it would take 8 hours of sleep: “Even 8 hours of sleep in a row… I'm not bad 🤣 word desperate mother mamma❤️”. Others miss Caterina and would like to see her again on TV: "Hello Caterina, good start to you too when I see you on TV, I miss you so much 😘😘😘😘".

Caterina Balivo

Caterina Balivo – Source: Instagram

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