Caterina Balivo, penultimate episode of Come from Me: Elisa Isoardi confesses


"My penultimate episode of Come to Me": Caterina Balivo leaves the show? Meanwhile, Elisa Isoardi silences rivalries with Antonella Clerici

Caterina Balivo, Come to me 2019-2020: look and curiosity

Caterina Balivo promised it on Instagram: for the two final episodes of Vieni da Me there would be great surprises. And the first is called Elisa Isoardi who submits to the questions in the dark.

The beautiful Caterina refurbished by her hair stylist, as she showed in Instagram Stories, shows up in the studio with a vertical striped dress, very pin-up. And alongside him is the statuesque Isoardi showing off an evergreen casual look: dark blazer, jeans and décolleteé with a killer heel.

The episode is one of the burning ones, because of course there is the fate of Isoardi and the Cook Test. And although two years have passed since Antonella Clerici's farewell to show cooking, there is still talk of the rivalry between the two conductors.

Elisa had already made it clear that there were no disagreements between them and they could not even be compared. But he takes this opportunity to reiterate to Come to Me: "There is no rivalry with Antonella Clerici. It's normal, we are all women, there are X places … I wouldn't want to be director of Raiuno right now. But not even in the past. Chapeau to the directors because they have to make choices and those are the boxes, it's not that you can invent many others. To each his own ".

The Isoardi-Clerici question has returned to the fore in recent days because rumors have circulated, taken from Dagospia, that Antonellina could return to Rai Uno with a program that would undermine The Proof of the Cook.

But there are friendship stories on television, Balivo and Isoardi are an example, as Elisa recalled: "But look at us, darling. We have been friends for a long time. Just accept the comparison. ”

Among other things, the two friends may have a future of change. As said, Isoardi will surely see her at Dancing with the Stars, but on the Test of the Cook there are still no certainties. While Balivo, who opened the episode stating that it was the penultimate of Vieni da Me for her, could go on to conduct a weekly broadcast between Domenica In and L'eredità, as anticipated by Blogo.

Meanwhile, during the interview, the host of the Test of the Cook also spoke of the attacks that have been the subject of social media. They have often criticized her for her fitness. Today she has become stronger and no longer cares, but in the past she cried for this: “They tell me that I have a boar calf? But live the wild boars. No, joking aside, I was crying at the beginning. There are people who have lost their lives for these things here: listen only to those who love you. "

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