Caterina Balivo, pregnant Alena Seredova confesses to Come to Me

Caterina Balivo, pregnant Alena Seredova confesses to Come to Me

Alena Seredova tells Caterina Balivo's Vieni Da Me about her third pregnancy

Caterina Balivo, Come to me 2019-2020: look and curiosity

Alena Seredova tells herself to Come to Me, talking about pregnancy and love for Alessandro Nasi. In fact, Buffon's ex-wife is pregnant and will soon give birth to a beautiful baby girl. A big change for the model who at 42 will be a mother for the third time.

The girl's name is still top secret, but Alena ensures that the last word on the matter will be hers. "At my age I decided to dive into this new adventure – he confessed to Balivo – because ten years have passed since my last child and I don't remember anything anymore. For me, it's like it's the first time. "

For Seredova it is the third child. In fact, the model already has two children, David and Louis Thomas, born from the marriage with Gigi Buffon. Alessandro Nasi, entrepreneur and cousin of Lapo Elkann instead will become dad for the first time. “I don't know if he will be able to stay in the delivery room with me – he confessed – because so far it has been impossible. In Piedmont, then, the situation is still fluctuating and therefore I prefer not to organize anything ".

Certainly Alessandro will make his contribution and can't wait to hold the baby in his arms. "He will change his first diapers," said Alena, who is facing this third pregnancy with a smile. The older children seem serene and have welcomed the news of the incoming sister. "They welcomed the news as two teenage media – he revealed to Caterina Balivo -. I wasn't expecting big celebrations, so it was. The fact that she is female is a better solution because I believe that there will be no competition with her but protection. They are anxious about having to play dolls. "

The birth is scheduled for the beginning of June, but the baby may arrive even earlier, as Alena Seredova clarified in Vieni da Me: “I wanted to wait for spring to have nice things, then they closed everything and then she will end up with toy cars because fortunately, I have kept all of my children ”.

A rebirth for Alena, who has never hidden the pain for the end of the marriage with Gigi Buffon. When the newspapers revealed the goalkeeper's relationship with Ilaria D’Amico, he and Seredova were still tied. Since then the model has rebuilt, piece by piece, her existence, thanks to her children, but above all to Alessandro Nasi, who allowed her to believe in love again.

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