Caterina Balivo space in silver. Ingrassia and Guidi embarrass themselves at Come to Me

Caterina Balivo space in silver. Ingrassia and Guidi embarrass themselves at Come to Me

Caterina Balivo enchants with the flared jumpsuit. And in the studio he dissociates himself with irony from the revelations of Giampiero Ingrassia and Gianluca Guidi

Caterina Balivo in Come to me: look and curiosity

Caterina Balivo welcomes Gianluca Guidi and Giampiero Ingrassia to Vieni da Me.

It is the penultimate episode of the season and everything happens in the studio. The two make the show, create some embarrassment in the presenter who is at the game and the audience does not hold back the laughter.

In short, another guaranteed success. Gianluca and Giampiero are unleashed. To begin with, they steal the list of questions from Caterina. But she does not break down and overcomes the difficulty. Then they tell funny anecdotes about their career.

Both sons of art, Gianluca di Johnny Dorelli, Giampiero di Cicco Ingrassia, are very close friends. Among them, they explain, there has never been a rivalry. On the contrary, great complicity, even if on stage they do not spare jokes, as during the performances at the theater of a double taxi, when Ingrassia left Guidi speechless:

The first two days, during that show, there were more people on stage than in the audience. Then we made a lot of replies, but on the second evening Enrico Brignano came to see us and there were only 18 people and no one was laughing.

Then comes the great revelation. Ingrassia confesses that the dream was to be a porn actor. At that point Gianluca burst out laughing and can no longer stop, infecting the public. The bailiff, who has faced many curtains, jokes but firm reply: "I disagree".

Hilarity and beauty are the protagonists in the studio, thanks to Caterina who chooses to wear an elephant-paw silver space suit, which combines with a headband, usually much contested, of the same color. But this time the appreciation is unanimous, as we read on Instagram.

So everyone is ready for the big finale. La Balivo was reconfirmed in September at the helm of Vieni da Me (like Isoardi for La Prova del Cuoco). But there are already those who feel nostalgia:

How will we do without you! … ..

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