Caterina Balivo tender mom on Instagram. The secret of photos alone with Cora

Caterina Balivo sends fans into raptures by sharing photos with her daughter Cora. The firstborn is not there but the mystery about his absence is soon solved

Caterina Balivo on holiday with children and top costumes

Caterina Balivo is finally on vacation and enjoys her days at the beach with her children.

The presenter of Vieni da Me has published some tender photos that portray her with Cora, the youngest daughter born on August 16, 2017. The eldest son, Guido Alberto, is missing from the appeal. But the mystery is immediately clarified by the beautiful Catherine who writes:

Cora, Guido Alberto who snaps and I wish you a good week !!!!

So, the boy, born in 2012, is the author of the photos that mum shares with pride on social media. The smiling and tanned bailiff wears a one-piece swimsuit, her legs are hidden by a sarong and her feet have a pair of white slippers. The look is completed by a high band in the hair, an accessory that the conductor loves very much, and a colorful straw bag. Her daughter Cora holds her by the hand, she poses distracted first, then gets bored and makes her understand that she wants to go.

The girl, two years in a month, is very tender with her blue and white striped sundress and sandals.

Fans of the presenter are in raptures. The shots in a few hours are viral and the comments on Instagram are thousands. Everyone rushes to congratulate Mom Balivo and write:

How beautiful you are, as I would like to see the face of your little girl and count it with those of my granddaughters

It's still:

How tender to see his little hand tighten your finger 💝

Someone wonders why Catherine never shows her oldest son:

I meant that you are always with cora and I swear Alberto I never see him

But the answer to this Hamlet question comes directly from a Balivo fan:

Catherine often says that her son does not want to be photographed

And this secret has also been revealed.

La Balivo can continue her holidays in peace, waiting to return to Vieni da Me, where she was reconfirmed, next September.

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