Caterina Balivo, the outburst on Instagram after returning to Come to Me

The presenter let off steam with her followers on Instagram after returning to TV with her program Come to Me

After two months of stop, Caterina Balivo is back on TV with her program Come from Me, visibly excited and with a voice broken by emotion.

In recent weeks, the presenter has certainly not been idle: she was the protagonist, together with her husband Guido Maria Brera, of the My Next Book format, a daily appointment on Instagram, created to entertain the fans who follow her on social media.

The program, during which the presenter and her husband interviewed many famous writers, won over the public, thanks to the topics covered and the spontaneity of the couple. For the fans it was also a way to keep in touch with their darling, who continued to keep followers with daily stories and posts.

Now that she's back on TV and the social program experience is over, Balivo hasn't stopped updating her fans. Just in the past few hours, in fact, she wanted to tell about her first day of work after two months of forced stop, with the sincerity that distinguishes her:

Mum, my boys, that bad day … For charity full of emotions, however, to come home here … I would like to tell you a lot of things but I can't speak. But I want to tell you one thing before I say goodnight: I want to put on the sheath and the anti-cellulite cream, which I really see myself in pieces!

Caterina with her irony tried to play down what was certainly an intense moment for her, after all she also confirmed it with a post, where she wrote: "We are back! It is not easy for anyone but we are here, ready to give you a smile! ". In the stories he then continued jokingly:

And while I was finished reading the script, I finally said to myself I'm going to sleep! And what happens? The allergy? A call? Herbal tea? No! Guido Alberto who wakes up and has a stomach ache!

It is not the first time in fact that the presenter shares small daily unexpected events, between children, household chores, recipes and some difficulties. Caterina loves to show her most sincere and authentic side, which is why she is so loved by her audience.

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