Caterina Balivo, the photo of a top model in bikini enchants Instagram

Caterina Balivo, the photo of a top model in bikini enchants Instagram

Caterina Balivo poses as a model in a bikini and leaves you breathless on Instagram. But they would like to see her again on TV with Come to Me

Caterina Balivo: photos on Instagram between bikini and sea look

Caterina Balivo leaves fans breathless by sharing a bikini photo on Instagram that enhances her perfect line, even if she complains about it. For the presenter it is a particular September, in fact after years she is not on television with a daily appointment, first Detto Fatto and then Come to Me.

Caterina's choice to suspend her commitments on the small screen was motivated by herself a few months ago. From 7 September, instead of Come to Me, there is the Today is another day program, led by Serena Bortone who had the honor and honor of replacing the Balivo, beloved by her audience.

The beautiful Cate, however, is always close to her fans to whom she gives disturbing shots on Instagram, like the one in a black bikini where she poses as a top model. The presenter comments: “Belly in, almost apnea for a supermodel shot… believe us! 2020 was the year in which I wanted to play sports, there are 4 months left, we bet that I will not succeed? 🤣🤣🤣 ". Followers appreciate the image and compliments are not wasted: "I congratulate you on the beautiful photo with or without belly in always at the Top bravaaaa 🤗". "You look great Catherine". Someone gives her suggestions for toning up: "Take an elliptical bike and place it at home … to full music and have fun".

Then there are those who specify: "You don't look like a top model … but you are too charming a woman ❤️". And then there are those who make comparisons, specifically with Michelle Hunziker who, moreover, has defined her own training program, and does not hide a certain preference for the Swiss presenter: “But Michelle Hunziker is much more beautiful than you. Despite three pregnancies she has a perfect body !!!! Then she is very good sunny and nice ”. But most fans agree that Caterina Balivo is in perfect shape. And she thanks them.

Selfies on Instagram, however, are not enough to fill the void left on TV. His audience would like to see the beautiful Catherine on the small screen. There are those who ask her if she will come back and those who regret her: "Caterina is not a ladies' paradise without your previous program … but why this injustice, I don't know what happens behind the scenes in this world tour … anyway we miss you kisses" and again: “It doesn't seem true that you're not on TV”.

Caterina Balivo

Caterina Balivo – Source: Instagram

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