Caterina Balivo, the secret of her diet for a perfect line

Caterina Balivo, the secret of her diet for a perfect line

The presenter on Facebook describes her lavish lunch. Yet she has an enviable physique thanks to a balanced diet and running

Caterina Balivo's summer: sea, love and social

Caterina Balivo, 36, has an enviable physique and perfect legs that she often shows off thanks to her cheeky looks that have made her a trendsetter. The presenter revealed on Facebook what she usually eats:

Pasta omelette, sage and fried mint, salami from the Friulian farmer and Nutella ice cream.

In front of this lavish lunch, it is natural to ask how the presenter is so thin. His secret is to run and of course follow a balanced diet every day, even if some rudeness is allowed. Especially in the summer.

In a recent interview with AdnKronos, Balivo said she loved pasta:

I couldn't live without pasta. I have always eaten it and continue to eat it. I am Neapolitan and my mom is a 'pastara' doc: I grew up on spaghetti and macaroni, I have always eaten it and now I always cook it for children too. And I've never had problems with being overweight.

In short, Catherine is the living example that the Mediterranean diet works:

The Mediterranean diet does not make you fat. I've never given up on it in my life. I eat pasta every day for lunch, seasoned in every way, from pesto to artisan tomato sauce typical of my part, from eggplants to seafood… In summer I also like it very cold with vegetables from the garden or with Cherry tomatoes. When we are at the beach, for children I cook it even in the evening perhaps associated with fish. While in times when I want to be more careful I don't eat more than 80 grams and only for lunch. But for me it is a true heritage of humanity.

So with all due respect to vegans and supporters of the most particular diets, the secret to staying healthy and keeping the line is in the right balance between foods: including meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and of course pasta. Caterina Balivo is proof of this.

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