Caterina Balivo, the sweet dedication for her son on Instagram

Caterina Balivo, the sweet dedication for her son on Instagram

The words of Caterina Balivo for her son Guido Andrea melt the hearts of her many followers

Caterina Balivo, the new life on Instagram away from TV

A mother in love, Caterina Balivo, is increasingly present on social media with small fragments of everyday life. The Rai presenter, fresh from the success of Il Cantante Mascherato in which she participated as a juror, has just granted a shot with which she wanted to dedicate a few words to her eldest son Guido Andrea.

Like many other young people in this period, Guido Andrea is also forced into his home for distance learning. Hence, the confession of the young Brera made directly to his mother: "Mom, this time I miss school …".

His words were food for thought for the beautiful Rai presenter, who had a thought for all the kids who are experiencing the restrictions and inconveniences imposed by a global pandemic: “I love him. Of course, he's my son. But in this difficult period for all the boys, I feel it as if it were still in my belly ”.

Caterina Balivo is also the mother of Cora, she had – after Guido Andrea – by the writer and entrepreneur Guido Maria Brera. Just in these days, the Neapolitan presenter confessed in a long interview with the weekly F, in which she admitted having had some doubts about her husband's educational methods.

According to Brera, in fact, the school performances of Guido Andrea and Cora should give maximum results in just two hours, so as to leave the necessary time for other activities and – in particular – for sport: "Either they do them well in two hours or they do badly in school and worse for them, because in life there is never time to do everything. After the two hours of study, stop. The rest is made up of sports and walks. Mandatory ".

Caterina Balivo's children have grown up, and will grow up, without Playstation and social networks. Brera's perspective is to make them live in contact with nature and the benefits of sport, with choices that were often not shared by his wife who would have preferred another educational imprint.

The future of young Brera people could therefore have a strong green imprint, as their father would like. In the last shot posted on Instagram, Caterina and Guido Andrea enjoy a breathtaking view on their bikes.

Caterina Balivo and Guido Andrea Brera


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