Caterina Balivo, too broad look at Detto Fatto: suspicious curves?

Caterina Balivo, too broad look at Detto Fatto: suspicious curves?

The presenter sported a white shirt that seemed to want to hide a rounded tummy. But she denies everything

Caterina Balivo, the looks to copy

After pink hair, Caterina Balivo returns to be talked about for her look. The beautiful presenter sported a casual outfit at Detto Fatto which raised some suspicions about a possible sweet wait.

Balivo wore skinny jeans combining them with a very large shirt that seemed to want to hide rounded curves right on the belly. Even Giovanni Ciacci made a joke asking her if she was hiding something. Smiling, she caught the double meaning and denied everything, shifting attention to the splendid gold and silver sandals with a dizzying heel (here are the trendy shoes for next spring).

Last summer Caterina in a long interview with Corriere della Sera had told for the first time that she had lost a baby in the third month of pregnancy:

I was pregnant again. I was very happy and, having already had a baby, I was convinced that everything would be fine. I knew that technically something, as it happened then, could go wrong, but it was as if the first pregnancy had given me the certainty that with this it would have been the same. When I lost the baby, in the third month, I was terribly ill. But I still had to go on video, I had my responsibilities. I didn't even mention it to my mother and I forced myself to go on. But I understood that I was wrong: if you don't work it out, you won't overcome it.

Really painful moments that no woman would ever want to live.

Today, the Balivo, 36 years old, however, appears serene and strong as always. And it is confirmed in this new television season a real trendsetter. It has the class and the ability to transform even the simplest outfits into chic and classy looks.

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