Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser robbed: the outburst on Instagram

Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser robbed: the outburst on Instagram

Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser have been robbed: the outburst on Instagram

From Belen-Stefano to Satta-Boateng: the couples that broke out in 2020 (and new loves)

Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser reveal that they have been robbed and let off steam on Instagram. Belen Rodriguez's sister and the sportsman told about the bad experience on social media. Returning to their home in Trento they discovered that it had been burgled by thieves.

“Unfortunately, last Saturday we were robbed – explained Ignazio in Stories -. The waste of society has entered our house, overturning the house and stealing everything and more. Obviously my wish for you is to spend all the stolen goods on medicines for you and your loved ones. Hoping that the medicines are not enough because there is no justification in the world to do such a thing, to rob people – he concluded -, to rape people in their home privacy ".

In recent months, Cecilia and Ignazio had faced a period of profound crisis. After the love born to GF Vip and a love story that seemed destined to lead them to the wedding, they separated, living the summer as single. Moser had been spotted in Sardinia in the company of his friend Andrea Damante, while Rodriguez had spent a few weeks in Ibiza and Capri with her sister Belen, just back from breaking up with Stefano De Martino.

Today the storm has passed and both Rodriguez sisters are happy. Cecilia found her smile next to Ignazio and the two, after the return of the flame, are more in love than ever. Belen also went ahead, filing the end of the marriage with Stefano. The showgirl recently announced that she is pregnant with her new partner, Antonino Spinalbese. The hair stylist has stolen Argentina's heart, helping her to believe in love after so many disappointments. "We have decided – confessed Belen, who has entered the fifth month of pregnancy -. Our story overwhelmed us and we always wanted more and I am like that, I am not one who says “Let's wait”. He will be a good father because he is a selfless person, with enchanting ways, he inspires me with confidence, stability. I thought that I would not have found another love like this, if I had been able to decide I would have liked it to be only one person, indeed, I carried this pain for a long time because it was not conceivable for me to have two children from two different men ".

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