Cecilia Rodriguez and Pierpaolo Pretelli, the strange couple: spotted together

Cecilia Rodriguez and Pierpaolo Pretelli, the strange couple: spotted together

Cechu Rodriguez and Pierpaolo Pretelli were paparazzi together at a bar table. What lies behind this "strange couple"

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What are Cecilia Rodriguez and Pierpaolo Pretelli doing together at a bar table? This is the question that many have asked themselves after the two have been paparazzi, one in the company of the other. Needless to say, the shadow of gossip has fallen on the two young VIPs who, in fact, had never appeared together so far.

The splendid Chechu, who will soon become Luna Marì's aunt again (daughter of Belen and Antonino Spinalbese), is not going through an easy period. His Ignatius left for Honduras to participate in the Island of the Famous 2021 and misses him. Indeed, there is no lack of strong jealousies for the partner who has already been the protagonist of a "spicy" game complete with a kiss to Francesca Lodo.

For his part, Pierpaolo Pretelli is experiencing a golden moment, especially from a sentimental point of view. The experience at GF Vip not only gave him fame, but also the love of his partner Giulia Salemi. Theirs is a relationship born in favor of cameras and not many would have bet on it. Yet she continues and, indeed, the two are increasingly close-knit and in love, to the point that Pretelli also introduced her to his son Leonardo.

Certainly, a coffee at a bar does not necessarily have hidden meanings and the hypothesis that Chechu and Pierpaolo are good friends is not so extravagant. Rodriguez's boyfriend has known Pretelli for some time, so we could venture the theory that the two saw each other in total friendship and serenity, also considering when Cecilia is suffering from Moser's distance.

The photo, then, does not reveal equivocal attitudes. It is plausible that the two young stars, beloved by the public and by crowds of fans who continue to follow them on social networks with so much affection, met for top secret business matters, which maybe they will let us know a little more in the coming days.

What is certain is that the beautiful Chechu and Pierpaolo are very much in love with their respective boyfriends. He was in Milan just to celebrate two months of love with Giulia Salemi, while she has already shown on several occasions how much she cares about her beautiful cyclist (with whom she dreams of orange blossoms), without hiding that pinch of jealousy that any woman feels towards her man.

Friendship between man and woman is welcome, which many believe impossible. We like to think that on the contrary it is and that Chechu and Pierpaolo simply support each other. Without necessarily leading to vulgar gossip.

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