Cecilia Rodriguez in the mountains with Ignazio Moser after the crisis

Cecilia Rodriguez in montagna con Ignazio Moser dopo la crisi

After parading on the red carpet in Venice, Cecilia Rodriguez is back in the arms of Ignazio Moser

Cecilia Rodriguez relaxes in the mountains with Ignazio Moser after the crisis. The Argentine showgirl and the Trentino cyclist would be back together a month after their last sighting together. To reveal the return of the flame was Belen's sister who posted on Instagram a shot that portrays her in a cabin in the mountains, in a magical location that is probably in Trentino where Ignazio lives.

The love story between the sportsman and the model therefore seems to have undergone yet another twist. In fact, a few weeks ago the love story seemed to have come to an end, with Moser busy having fun with Andrea Damante (fresh from breaking up with Giulia De Lellis) in Sardinia, and Cecilia in Capri with Belen Rodriguez. The situation was aggravated by the statements of Caterina Bernal who had declared that she had dated Ignazio who had presented himself as single. Shortly after, Cecilia flew to Venice and walked on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, sporting a goddess look and showing herself alone.

Shortly after the Festival, however, Rodriguez would have decided to join Moser. The showgirl posted on Instagram some shots that portray her in the mountains, between walks and relaxation in the hut. The same photos were also shared by Ignazio Moser. “If you are looking for angels or fleeing from demons, go to the mountains – wrote Belen's sister, publishing a photo -. But after Venice I think we are looking for butterflies ajajaajaj ajajajaj! ”.

It is not yet clear what happened in this month between Cecilia and Ignazio, certainly the love between the two, which had lasted for years, has suffered a setback. But now the feeling that binds the model and the cyclist would return and the couple would decide to try again. It did not end in the same way for Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino, after the farewell, the showgirl and the conductor broke up for good. He moved to a new house, leaving the one where he lived with his wife, while the love story with Antonio Spinalbese made them official.

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