“Cecilia Rodriguez left for Anna Safroncik”: Ignazio Moser reveals the truth

Ignazio Moser e Cecilia Rodriguez

Ignazio Moser breaks the silence on Instagram after gossip about a farewell to Cecilia Rodriguez and a story with Anna Safroncik

Ignazio Moser breaks the silence after the gossip about the breakup with Cecilia Rodriguez and a flirtation with Anna Safroncik. In recent days, the weekly Oggi had talked about a farewell between Belen Rodriguez's sister and the sportsman. The latter would have spent an evening at the Billionaire in Sardinia with the well-known actress who would have left the place with him.

For some time there has been talk of a crisis that would hit the couple born to Big Brother Vip and that would quickly lead them to farewell. At the origin of the problems there would be Cecilia's jealousy and Ignazio's insecurity. The couple would first reunite then, after a fight broke out in the Just Cavalli nightclub, they would split up again. The young Rodriguez would then leave leaving only her boyfriend who appeared on Instagram several times in the company of Andrea Damante, engaged in some evenings as a DJ in Sardinia.

Later Moser would have met with Anna Safroncik, ex of Giulio Berruti and well-known actress. "Last night Ignazio left the Billionaire in the company of actress Anna Safroncik – we read in the weekly Oggi – with whom an overwhelming and unbridled passion would break out. Just a flash in the pan or the beginning of a new love? Ah, to know ”. If Cecilia Rodriguez has chosen not to comment on the indiscretion, Ignazio has decided to have her say by posting a video in the Instagram Stories.

After an evening with friends in Flavio Briatore's club, during a moment of relaxation in the pool, the Trentino cyclist commented on the gossip about him. "There are reports that calling it fake is cheap," he said. A way to deny the laison with Safroncik, which, however, does not extinguish the hypothesis about a break with Cecilia. Certainly the Rodriguez sisters are having a rather difficult summer on the love front.

While Chechu is in crisis with Ignazio, Belen is dealing with the farewell to Stefano De Martino. The Argentine showgirl and the host of Made In Sud have separated again one year after the return of the flame and this time it seems that Rodriguez is not willing to forgive her ex-husband.

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